Before close election, Cameron says got some things wrong, but got economy right

10:13pm GMT

LONDON - Prime Minister David Cameron on Thursday conceded he'd made mistakes during his five years in power during a special pre-election interview, but implored voters to give him a second term to finish the job of rebuilding the economy.

Cameron beats Miliband in first TV contest before election - poll

11:01pm GMT

LONDON - Prime Minister David Cameron won the first TV encounter before a close national election in Britain, turning in a stronger performance than Labour leader Ed Miliband, a poll showed on Thursday.

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Euro zone lending dips but don't panic

France eyes a smaller public deficit and stronger economic recovery and morale among German consumers is at its brightest in 13 years. It's all adding to a growing feeling of optimism across the euro zone.  Video 

Four year old Torin Weston from Leicester is dressed as Richard III as he stands with his grandmother, Susan Tomlinson as they wait outside Leicester Cathedral ahead of a service of reinterment for England's King Richard III in Leicester, March 26, 2015.  REUTERS/Richard Pohle/Pool

Richard III, 'villainous' warrior king, is reburied

Richard III, the last English king to die in battle whose remains were found under a car park three years ago, is reburied in a ceremony the current queen says is of "great international significance".  Full Article 

People gather at the site of an air strike at a residential area near Sanaa Airport March 26, 2015.  REUTERS/Khaled Abdullah

Oil up after Saudi air strikes in Yemen

Oil prices rally for a second straight day after Saudi Arabia and its Gulf Arab allies begin air strikes in Yemen, sparking fears of a bigger Middle East battle that could disrupt world crude supplies.  Video | Full Article 

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Kenya sugar farming takes sour turn

There are growing calls to overhaul Kenya's struggling sugar industry as it suffers further blows from falling prices and escalating competition. A government scheme designed to protect the industry by limiting imports could be having the opposite effect.  Video 

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Jockey motion tracking reveals racing prowess

Using motion tracking technology, researchers from the Royal Veterinary College are trying to establish an optimum horse riding style to train junior jockeys, as well as enhance safety.  Video 

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British adventurer nears end of global challenge

Adventurer Sarah Outen takes on the last leg of her four year global expedition. All that remains for her to do is to row across the Atlantic.   Video | Related Article