Rush hour workers pass Tower Bridge in the financial district of the City of London January 29, 2013.   REUTERS/Luke Macgregor

Employers agree average 2.5 percent pay rise

British employers raised pay in the first three months of 2014 at the same pace as a year ago, although current low levels of inflation should improve workers' spending power, a survey shows.  Full Article | Related Story 

Apple shares hit 2014 highs, Asian stocks lag 7:12am BST

SYDNEY - Shares in tech heavyweights Apple and Facebook held hefty after-hours gains on Thursday as their results handily outpaced Wall Street expectations, though Asian markets managed only a mumbled cheer. | Video

A welcome sign is seen outside Gretna, Scotland March 24, 2014.  REUTERS/Suzanne Plunkett

Independence would help the North - Salmond

An independent Scotland would rebalance the UK's economy and bring prosperity to northern England, Scottish leader Alex Salmond says in a bid to dispel concerns south of the border about Scotland quitting the United Kingdom.  Full Article 

Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks about the new iPad Air during an Apple event in San Francisco, California October 22, 2013.   REUTERS/Robert Galbraith

Apple investors await next big thing

SAN FRANCISCO - Apple just bought itself some much-needed time with a litany of positive numbers. But a fundamental concern for investors is whether Tim Cook can pull another gadget out of the hat.  Full Article | Video 

People chat near a Portuguese flag in downtown Lisbon April 8, 2013.  REUTERS/Rafael Marchante

Bailout exit beckons for Portugal after bond sale

LISBON/LONDON - Portugal sells benchmark debt at a record low yield in its first bond auction in three years, a vote of market confidence that boosts Lisbon's chances of making a clean break from its bailout next month.  Full Article 

Formula One Chief Executive Bernie Ecclestone arrives at the High Court in central London November 6, 2013. REUTERS/Olivia Harris

Bernie Ecclestone trial begins in Germany

MUNICH - Formula One chief executive Bernie Ecclestone goes on trial for bribery in Germany on Thursday in a case that could see the Briton's long dominance of the motor sport ended by a jail sentence.  Full Article 

Screen shot from Reuters video

South Africa's 'Born Frees' struggle with history

South Africa's 'Freedom Day' will mark the twentieth anniversary of the end of apartheid. For the first generation to grow up with no segregation, it's reason to celebrate - but also to take stock as Hayley Platt reports.  Video | Full Article 

Screen shot from Reuters video

Power Box wireless boost to performance

A Polish company has developed a wireless device which can reduce a car's fuel consumption while boosting its power output. Power Box connects to the battery, allowing the driver to adjust a vehicle's factory engine settings with a smartphone app. Jim Drury reports.  Video 

Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant (L), guitarist Jimmy Page (C) and bassist/keyboardist John Paul Jones pose for photographers as they arrive for the U.K. premiere of Celebration Day; at the Hammersmith Apollo in London October 12, 2012. REUTERS/Suzanne Plunkett

Led Zeppelin's 'Whole Lotta' unreleased tunes

Legendary rockers Led Zeppelin say they will include previously unreleased songs in the first batch of reissues of their nine studio albums, including a version of their pulsating "Whole Lotta Love"  Full Article | Related Story 

Edward Hadas

Inheritance can be less unequal

Family is a big part of destiny, even when opportunities are supposed to be equal. Since children tend to take after their parents, the elite tend to be self-perpetuating, and poor kids will tend to become poor adults. Still, there are ways to soften the injustices of birth.  Commentary 

John Lloyd

The UK’s paradox of faith

The Church of England, long past any power to enforce its faith on anyone, is actually the best guarantee to other faiths that they will find a place in the state and have leave to prosper.   Commentary 

Anatole Kaletsky

Time to stop following defunct economic policies

The economic models studied in universities and published in leading academic journals have nothing to say about lending or borrowing, ignore the existence of banks and treat bankruptcies as unimportant.  Commentary 

Nicholas Wapshott

Yellen shows her hand

Janet Yellen understands that to effect a true recovery, the U.S. economy must first find jobs for all Americans. By far the most effective way of stimulating the economy and creating new jobs is for the federal and state governments to spend freely on infrastructure.  Commentary 

John Foley

Graft purges don’t hurt shareholders – insiders do

The sacking of China Resources’ chairman will worry other state company bosses. But shareholders in Chinese groups have less to fear from government crackdowns on powerful individuals than the culture of treating outside investors as an afterthought. This remains unaddressed.  Commentary 

Dominic Elliott

Credit Suisse still firing on one cylinder

Credit Suisse's private banking arm is pulling in more money. But an 11 percent year-on-year dip in quarterly investment banking revenue suggests the Swiss bank's other main engine isn’t motoring. Paring back further in fixed income would be one way to get things moving.  Commentary