Commodities | Wed Oct 1, 2008 4:18pm BST

TABLE-West African oilfields due onstream in 2008 and beyond

 LONDON, Oct 1 (Reuters) - Following are the West African
oilfields due onstream in 2008 and beyond.
 The information provided is the latest available from field
operators or partners, but is subject to possible changes in
company plans.
 Output figures are peak or plateau unless otherwise noted.
 Oil volumes are given in barrels per day (bpd), gas in
million cubic feet per day (mmcfd), and combined oil and gas
field production is measured in barrels of oil equivalent
 In some cases, project names, output figures or relevant
stream/terminal names were not disclosed (n/d).
 Total        Akpo          2009        225,000 boepd FPSO
 ExxonMobil   East Area NGL 2009         40,000 boepd Bonny NGL
 Total        Ofon II       2009        100,000 bpd   Odudu
 Chevron      Escravos GTL  2009         34,000 bpd   Escravos
 Shell        Gbaran/Ubie   2010        120,000 bpd   n/d
 Total        Usan          2010+       180,000 bpd   FPSO
 Shell        Bonga SW      2011         80,000 bpd   FPSO
 ExxonMobil   Satellites    2011+       125,000 bpd    n/d
 ExxonMobil   Erha North    2011+        30,000 bpd    n/d
 ExxonMobil   LNG IPP       2011+       700,000 mmcfd  n/d
 ExxonMobil   Bosi Oil      2011+       135,000 bpd   FPSO
 Total        Egina         2011+       200,000 bpd    n/d
 Shell        H-Block       2012        140,000 bpd   platform
 Chevron      Banzala Lago           2008   25,000 bpd  Banzala
 Sonangol     Gimboa                 2008   50,000 bpd   FPSO
 Chevron      Mafumeira              2009    n/d         n/d
 Chevron      Negage                 2009   75,000 bpd   n/d
 Chevron    Tombua Landana           2009  130,000 bpd   n/d
 ExxonMobil Kizomba C - Mondo        2009  100,000 bpd   n/d
 ExxonMobil Kizomba C - Saxi/Batuque 2009  100,000 bpd   n/d
 Total        Lirio/Cravo*           2010  115,000 bpd  Girassol
 Total        CLOV**                 2011+ 160,000 bpd  Girassol
 Total        Pazflor                2011+ 200,000 bpd   n/d
 ExxonMobil   Satellites             2011+ 125,000 bpd   n/d
 Total        LNG                    2011+ 175,000 bpd   n/d
 *Lirio/Cravo appraisal under way to determine whether the
fields will be developed separately or tied back to
Girassol FPSO (through Rosa).
 ** Cravo-Lirio-Orquidea-Violeta fields
 (Reporting by Joe Brock; editing by James Jukwey)