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Lipper Snaps UK-PIMCO leads money market funds in April

 LONDON, May 7 (Reuters) - A PIMCO product was the top performer among
British-registered money market funds in April, data from Thomson Reuters fund
research firm Lipper showed on Friday.
 PIMCO GIS FX Strategies Inst EUR Acc LP65075752, managed by Thomas
Kressin, returned 0.73 percent over the month, beating an average 0.05 percent
gain for money market funds tracked by Lipper.
 The fund, which is set up to try and exploit inefficiencies in currency
markets, is up 5.56 percent over the past 12 months. By comparison, money market
funds have posted a 1.44 percent gain.
 Following are tables of the best and worst performers in April among money
market funds listed in the Lipper Global indices and registered for sale in the
UK. Performance is shown in the fund's local currency and may reflect declared
 The tables use the latest available data and strip out smaller players, as
well as some funds that price less regularly:
Fund name                     1 mth (%)    3 mth     1 yr     3 yr      5yr
1. PIMCO GIS FX Strategies          0.73     1.29     5.56    10.10       NA
Inst EUR Acc LP65075752
2. Insight - Absolute Currency      0.57     1.54     6.51    27.32       NA
S GBP LP65137243
3. F&C Sterling Enhanced            0.49     2.26     6.96       NA       NA
Cash 4 Acc LP65067828
4. Nordea 1 - US Dollar             0.46     1.68    15.50     1.68    10.34
Reserve BP USD LP60002403
5. GAM Star Discretionary           0.45     5.28       NA       NA       NA
FX USD Acc LP68032772
Fund name                     1 mth (%)    3 mth     1 yr     3 yr      5yr
1. Amundi Funds Dynarbitrage       -1.08     0.39    12.20     2.95    12.31
VaR 4 EUR C C LP60101637
2. Sarasin Currency Opportunities  -0.99    -0.09     1.52       NA       NA
Fund (EUR) LP65101555
3. Sarasin Currency Opportunities  -0.95    -0.26     0.99       NA       NA
Fund (CHF) LP65144962
4. HSBC GIF Global                 -0.73     0.77     7.84       NA       NA
Currency L1 USD LP68033300
5. Amundi Funds Arbitrage          -0.56     0.13     5.62    10.25    21.74
VaR 2 USD C C LP60101601
 Lipper, a Thomson Reuters company, is a fund research and analysis
organisation, providing independent insight on global collective investment
including mutual funds, retirement funds, hedge funds, fund fees and fund
expenses to the asset management and media communities.
 Lipper data covers 196,000 share classes and more than 108,000 funds in 57
registered-for-sale universes. It provides the free Lipper Leader ratings for
mutual funds registered for sale in 27 countries. Additional information is
available at
 (Reporting by Joel Dimmock)