UK | Wed Apr 27, 2011 11:25pm BST

Germany's "El Diablo" makes royal wedding rickshaw

STORKOW, Germany (Reuters) - An eccentric German bicycle designer known as "El Diablo" to cycling fans has unveiled his newest creation -- a royal rickshaw just in time for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Didi Senft's latest creation is a pedal-powered half-bicycle, half-Trabant -- the pint-sized East German car famous for its plastic body and two-stroke engine.

"Every person in the world is following the wedding and you've got to take part," Senft said about his motivation.

"It's a global event like the soccer World Cup, but it only takes six hours -- the World Cup takes four weeks."

Senft is called "El Diablo" by cycling enthusiasts for the red devil costume he wears to Europe's top bicycle races, including the Tour de France. He paints his trademark white trident on race courses to announce his presence to riders.

Senft builds a new, often outrageous bicycle for major sporting and pop culture events.

He houses his some 120 two-wheel curiosities in his own museum in Storkow near Berlin, which includes the world's largest and tallest bicycles, according to Senft.

Senft said he hopes the royal marriage will hold and the two will have children.

"Then we could outfit the wedding rickshaw with a little wagon, and we could come up with more ideas and construct more fun new things and continue to send our best wishes to London."

(Reporting by Bettina Borgfeld; writing by Eric Kelsey in Berlin, editing by Paul Casciato)