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TomTom Secures Traffic Deal with Qoros Auto in China

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TomTom Secures Traffic Deal with Qoros Auto in China

TomTom, via its joint venture partner AutoNavi Holdings Limited, announces a seven year agreement with Qoros Auto, an international automotive corporation. TomTom and AutoNavi will deliver HD Traffic, marking the first real time traffic customer for the newly expanded joint venture. In 2013 the first cars – aimed at young metropolitan users – will hit the streets in China equipped with HD Traffic, providing drivers with the most accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date traffic information available.

Securing our first OEM customer using HD Traffic in China is an exciting win for TomTom,” said Ralf-Peter Schäfer, Head of TomTom Traffic Product Unit. “Working with such a strong partner in the automotive landscape in China and Europe is an opportunity for TomTom to further prove that HD Traffic is the best real-time traffic solution available globally.

“It is our mission to deliver a first-grade and distinctive driving experience to all our customers,” said Stefano Villanti, Head of Sales and Marketing, Qoros Auto. “Partnering with TomTom and AutoNavi supports that mission for we believe that HD Traffic will allow our drivers to enjoy an efficient, stress-free driving experience.”

TomTom’s award winning HD Traffic is derived by combining information used from multiple GPS probe data sources. The TomTom HD Traffic fusion engine produces precise delay times and indicates the exact location of congestion on the road network. HD Traffic uses industry standards TMC and OpenLR, TomTom’s open source dynamic location referencing technology which brings unique coverage on highways and all major roads including city roads.

About TomTom

TomTom is a global supplier of location and navigation products and services. We provide consumers and enterprise, government and automotive industry customers with digital maps, traffic intelligence, navigation software, PNDs, automotive systems, fleet management services, smartphone apps, fitness devices, POIs and speedcam intelligence.

Headquartered in Amsterdam, TomTom has over 3,500 employees and operates from 50 locations in 35 countries.

TomTom (AEX: TOM2) is listed on NYSE Euronext. More information can be found at For the most up-to-date route planner, including live traffic information please visit

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About Qoros

Qoros Auto Co., Ltd. (“Qoros Auto”) is a new international automotive corporation, aiming to become the first China-based automotive company to enjoy international acclaim. Qoros Auto, launched in December 2007, owns 3 design and engineering centers located in Munich (Germany), Graz (Austria), and Shanghai (China), together with a manufacturing plant based in Changshu, Jiangsu Province of China.

As an independent joint venture, Qoros Auto has vowed to deliver global young metropolitan consumers a first-grade and distinctive driving experience, with excellent quality, an elegant design, and an enjoyable experience. Based on in-depth observation and by understanding the exacting demands of international consumers, Qoros Auto incorporates European car manufacturing craftsmanship, leading edge technology, together with design simplicity and functionality. The first Qoros car is scheduled to launch in 2013, both in China and Europe.

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