TABLE-Hybrid commodity funds outperform in Q3-Lipper

Tue Oct 9, 2012 11:21am BST

By Claire Milhench
    LONDON, Oct 9 (Reuters) - Below are tables of the best and
worst performers in the third quarter of 2012 among the actively
managed commodity funds in the Lipper Global database.
    The return performance is shown in the fund's local
currency. The tables use the latest available data provided to
Lipper and strip out enhanced index funds that use a very simple
rules-based system of rebalancing as well as funds that are
wholly focused on natural resource equities.
 FUND NAME                         Q3 (%)      1 YR (%)
 1. Quantex Commodity Fund USD     22.21       14.66
 2. Quantex Commodity Fund CHF     20.75       14.13
 3. OP-Raaka-aine A                14.08       13.34
 4. Vontobel Fund Belvista         12.65       N/A
 Dynamic Commodity B-USD                       
 5. BBGI Commodities (USD)         12.64       14.77
 FUND NAME                         Q3 (%)      1 YR (%)
 1. LoCorr Long/Short Commodities  -4.23       N/A
 Strategy Fund                                 
 2. InCube Commodity Relative      -3.07       -11.83
 Value Fund CHF                                
 3. Parvest Commodities Arbitrage  -2.36       -5.25
 4. Coeli Power                    -0.29       -2.89
 5. Vescore CYD Alpha Commodities  -0.27       -0.24
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