Ex-divs to take 1.03 points off FTSE 100 on Feb. 6

Mon Feb 4, 2013 10:21am GMT

The following FTSE 100 company will go ex-dividend on Wednesday, after
which investors will no longer qualify for the latest dividend payout.  
    According to Reuters calculations at current market prices, the effect of 
the resulting adjustment to prices by market-makers would take 1.03 points off 
the FTSE 100 index.
 COMPANY          (RIC)            DIVIDEND         INDEX IMPACT
                                   (pence)           (points)   
 UNILEVER                            20.39             1.03
Among FTSE 250         companies going ex-dividend are: 
 COMPANY          (RIC)            DIVIDEND

 ABERFORTH                          15.25
 SMALLER COS                       
 EDINBURGH INVT                      5.00
 DAEJAN                             25.00
 STAGECOACH                          2.60
 VICTREX                            28.40