RPT-Fitch: Thailand's policy management central to rating

Thu Oct 3, 2013 9:51am BST

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Oct 3 (Reuters) - (The following statement was released by the rating agency)

Fitch Ratings says Thailand's strong economic policy framework is an important support to the sovereign rating, which was upgraded to 'BBB+'/Stable in March.

Signs of slippage in policy management could undermine the country's credit profile and market confidence at a time when Emerging Asia faces tapering of Fed stimulus and lower commodity prices stemming from China's slowdown.

However, Thailand has strong buffers: a record of relatively low and stable inflation, moderate public debt and its status as an external creditor, Fitch said in a presentation at its Bangkok conference on 27 September.

"Thailand's Sovereign Credit in Global Perspective" - an abridged version of a presentation on Thailand's sovereign credit at the event - is available from www.fitchresearch.com or by clicking on the link below.

Link to Fitch Ratings' Report: Thailand's Sovereign Credit in Global Perspective