Bank of England votes against another cash boost for now

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DR9WX wrote:

If inflation is 2% then interest on savings should be at least 2%.

Any less and we are being robbed.

If interest on savings is 2% then interest on mortgages should be a fraction of 2%. Fractional reserve banking should work both ways!

I suspect most people reading the above would believe me to be financially illiterate. One of us is……………………….

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DR9WX wrote:

Banks are allowed to loan money into existence. They create money when you sign for a loan. Which you pay interest on.

If they create 10 times more money than they have and loan it all out. They aren’t getting 4% on the original deposit, they are getting 40%. Thus they are being exceptionally greedy and we are being exceptionally stupid.

If inflation is 2% then savings interest could easily be 4%.
Mortgage interest could easily be 1%. The bank is still making money.
The fractional reserve banking mechanism means that they are not getting 1% income from mortgage lending but 10%.

Sounds like nonsense, it is. It is also how we are being fleeced.

Go on, spend an hour thinking this through.
Research fractional reserve banking.
Don’t be financially illiterate.

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DR9WX wrote:

Hi, I have thought of a clearer example.

I open a bank offering 5% interest on deposits.
I soon have £100,000 in deposits.
I can now legally loan out £1,000,000 (with a 10% fractional reserve.)

My mortgage rate is 1%. I will soon be rich.

I make 1% on £1,000,000 which is £10,000
I pay out 5% interest on £100,000 which is £5,000

I make £5,000

Now if I tweak mortgage rates to 4% and reduce interest payments to 0.5% and reduce my fractional reserve to 0.002% rather than 10%. Well you do the arithmetic.

Answers below please.

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DR9WX wrote:


I make 4% on £50 million which is £2 million
I pay out 0.5% on £100,000 which is £500

I make £1,999,500

Are you financially literate?

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Pa-Broon wrote:

If it keeps this quantitative easing going there won’t be much left of peoples pensions and a return on savings is a joke. The Banks buy their money from the markets at a ridiculously low rate then charge you 9 time more for the privilege of borrowing it in order to re inflate there books. So heads you loose tails you loose.

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