Battle lines sharpen in fight over seven-year EU budget

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LenRuscino wrote:

With UK on the brink of exiting EEC if given half a chance, Rumpy Boy needs to understand that Cameron needs to court UKIP voters who have become legion as Nigel Farage takes over as UK’s most credible future leader.

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Phil999 wrote:

In reality, all members will need to take some pain in order to realistically reduce the budget. This is a simple calculation. However, greed and self interest will prevail and the squabbles will continue, no doubt. The EU knows that it and generally, the rest of the world’s economies are suffering and that endless increases in spending on such budgets must be checked and reduced where possible. Why not apply a simple percentage reduction for all? Or is that just too simple for the member states to understand and accept? Seems fair and equitable to me.

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Raymond.Vermont wrote:

UKIP is the only British political party that doesnt appear to have been fully complicit in acts of Treasonable Federal offences aginst the British nation state.

Maybe the UK will be able to start afresh once the Tories, Labour and Lib/Dems all get barred from participating from the Parliamentary election process of a de-Federalised state?

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Cynicalsam wrote:

The EU has never had it’s books closed due to missing ACCOUNTS. Can anyone estimate the level of corruption? Is it millions or billions? Also where does the money go missing? At there times of austerity, we need transparency these issues and the criminal elements identified.

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ritchard wrote:

The UK is no where near exiting the EU this is just journalistic rhetoric. it is indeed simplistic to imagine a given percentage cut on all budgets. This is what negotiation is all about, threats, public statements and drumming support with allies. I do not think Uk political leaders are about to be confined to the Tower of London by self imposed dictator Ramond. Vermont. Take a valium, Sir.

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rastrad wrote:

What it REALLY missing in all this is TRANSPARENCY. As someone who’s genuinely interested in trying to come to informed opinions I spend quite a lot of time on the EU website. It’s not bad as these things go (it’s big enough!) but so often the info I’m looking for simply isn’t available, or not accessible to normal citizens. For instance, I’d love to see a breakdown of how much which country receives through CAP; not unimportant considering that it is the biggest single item of spending and that farming accounts for so little employment.
Also, if the EU accounts haven’t been approved for X years, why are so many auditors employed to do it?

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Raymond.Vermont wrote:


One could argue under Britain’s Treason Act (1351) and Treason Felony Act (1848) that Britain is an invalid entrant into the EU.

ref: Vernon Coleman’s enlightening article…

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ritchard wrote:

I apologize to Raymond .Vermont my comment “Take a valium, Sir’ was uncalled for.
It is ironic that so many people are clamoring for UK withdrawal from the EU when they had such a hard time to become a member with General De Gaulle vetoing Uk entry in 1963 & 1967.
I agree about Transparency (rastrad) control, supervision and transparency has to be a paramount characteristic of EU projects and its workings in general.I once enquired on the EU site where employes paid their tax but the reply wasn’t strait forward. I have heard said that land owners, including the monarchy, get subsidies under the CAP, which I suppose is playing the game. The CAP needs remodeling, to my mind it should not be more important than the EU cohesion fund which In post world war Europe it has been fundamental in redistribution of wealth and the creation of life opportunities for millions of citizens.

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SCSCSC wrote:


EU budget ‘fraud’ is at about 30% in the largest budget item – agriculture/eastern european redevelopment. Given that the budget is cEUR30Bn p.a. that makes at least EUR10Bn p.a.

Add to that : MEPs expenses, allowances and tax free incomes. I could easily go on.

These people are not enfranchised with the people of Europe and it is in their interests to NOT allow a budget cut or vote on anything.

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