Syria opposition leader rejects Moscow invitation

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Wvandamme wrote:

The West armed and financed Salafist thugs, Al Qaeda style, do they really believe these cruel gangs will obey the order by the West to lay down their arms before installing their emirate? One must indeed be a big fool to think that. The West has nurtured a viper at its breast. They will have to bear the consequences.

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Wvandamme wrote:

As said, these so-caled Freedom fighter only want the freedom to kill those who oppose them. Or, the West digging its own grave. Mad men rulling ther West.

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Raymond.Vermont wrote:

Alkhatib should recognise that his group represents only a percentage of the Syrian population…

The Kremlin is fully justified in taking a very dim view of a Syrian opposition leadership, that appears only wanting one-sided terms that solely benefits them alone.

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Raymond.Vermont wrote:

The west helped push the Kremlin out of Afghanistan and ended up nurturing Islamic suicidal lunatics by way of consequence…

The last thing the west wants is action replay within Syria!

As al-Qaeda is now operating within Syrian territory,(to go along with Libya, Egypt, Jordan and Iraq) the western powers should be offering full assistance to the al-Assad regime in the eradication of the adherents.

The al-Assad regime has been sufficiently spanked now, and its time to roll the show over.

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Wvandamme wrote:

Raymond Vermont: It took you more then a year to see it, but finally you accepted what’s going on. But as this article proves, the US is first still supporting Al Qaeda and secondly it is against a diplomatic solution.
This report also states the West doesn’t intervene militarily. Does sending weapons by its friends and allies not amount to military intervention? Does giving diplomatic back-up, sanctions, military intelligence and the sending of mercenaries not amount to military intervention?
Again Reuters is totally misquoting Mr. Bogdanov and in contrast to previous claims made by Reuters about Russia’s position it now suddenly states Russia’s position hasn’t changed a bit. Reuters is becoming a joke, not a news agency.
And then this quoted Trenin. It should be stated he works for an American institution, a fact that makes his claims doubtful. In 2008 he claimed without ever giving proof Russia started the war with Georgia and had it planned long before. But for someone working for Carnegie, that’s hardly a surprise. But why oh why does Reuters talk to this man and have him quoted about something serious as this?

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