U.S. House Republicans balk at 'fiscal cliff' deal

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pavlaki wrote:

When is the USA going to do something about it’s scary level of debt? Why do they believe that they should enjoy a lifestyle that is funded by the rest of the world? Time for some serious(and painful)spending cuts!

Jan 01, 2013 10:47am GMT  --  Report as abuse
Raymond.Vermont wrote:

Longest can kickers in history…

Obama fighting with every sinew to preserve GOP policies of the early naughties. (knowing full well the richest 2% are best disposed to find and maximize avoidance’s)

What the U.S. has done is effectively say is, we will continue as was… (i.e Paying for a Federal govt that is essentially unaffordable to them all)

What will be, might be something rather unpleasant.

Maybe its time for Washington to realise it can only afford itself for 9 of the forthcoming 12 months of 2013.

A summer semester of shut down looming? (June, July and Augustus?)

Jan 01, 2013 1:33pm GMT  --  Report as abuse
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