Business chiefs warn Cameron of EU exit dangers

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Raymond.Vermont wrote:

I thought the main thrust of what Cameron was wanting was repatriation of certain powers, (such as social chapters and revising the ECHR/ECoJ’s relationship with the UK) and not a total exit?

As a EU customer,(a high level of contributing one at that) surely thats not beyond the boundaries of reason-ability and something the business leaders should applaud… i.e customer is King!

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stevecole wrote:

The EU needs to change dramatically. Those changes can not be won if we are outside looking in. We need to make allies with those who want to make the EU efficient, transparent and less arrogant and then force these changes through. A weak EU is bad for us in or out.

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btb101 wrote:

Let us be honest in this ‘letter’..
the CBI are actually afraid that if UK withdraws from the EU they will have to start paying their workers real living wages, as opposed to the current practise of minimum wages for the migrant EU workers (which is still 4 times or more the wages they left behind).
If one looks at the current state of those countries within the EU area but not joined to the EU, one can easily see that their countries are not in recession, they are actually thriving.

by leaving the EU, but maintaining trade agreements, but having forged markets in the middle east, far east, india and south america, the UK is in a far better position to make the break with minimal damage to the economy.
if the loss estimates of 25 billion are correct and not just thrown in as scare tactics, the fact that 45 billions would not go in to the EU budget but would actually be saved by the UK government.

The UK people deserve to have the vote on the EU that Cameron dangles so invitingly.. A people should have a choice in a say on their future, or is democracy in the Uk dead?

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CO2-Exhaler wrote:

I don’t think the signatories of this letter have read the small print. We can’t be thrown out of the EU. How can seeking to renegotiate our relationship “put our membership of the EU at risk”? They’re surely not so timid as to be worried that Monsieur Hollande might get a bit miffed and throw a wobbly? We’re not exactly bosom pals as it is. So what are they saying exactly? I suspect Mr Farage has hit the nail on the head.

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Raymond.Vermont wrote:

The UK could counter-balance its EU (European Union) position with a EEU (Eurasion Economic Union) position…

A Big toe dipped into both, adds plenty of options.

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Robbedoes wrote:

..Nigel Farage said the open letter was a “desperate attempt” by business leaders “to keep their privileged positions”, protected from competition by EU regulations. ..

People might want to consider that these ‘business leaders’ actually get their bills being paid and let them enjoy a nice warm beer in the pub (Yeck!). ‘People’ also thought they were right in the seventies when strikes were commonplace. Somebody has to pay the bills and the likes of Nigel Farag are not likely to. Give these guys and galls a bit more ‘credit’, please.

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