Algeria vows to fight Qaeda after 38 workers killed

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Wvandamme wrote:

The West has for about 34 years been supporting, financing and even arming jihadists and now it bis time again to harvest the bitter fruits again of this mad policy. It is not Iran that’s the problem but Saudi Arabia and Qatar. They are the masters behind this terrorism. But the west gives them a free ride.

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Wvandamme wrote:

The West isn’t combatting these militants, it has been feeding them some kilometers east over the borders in Libya. Get real! And if it was led by a Canadian, what about Canadian intelligence?

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PAULWJ wrote:

I think its a bit of a shame that quick draw comments about a ‘bothched raid’ were made before analysis of events. The imperitive of reacting before the terrorists had a chance to round up all of teh workers, plant explosives seems a sensible approach. This isnt a contained hostage situation as occurred in the iranian embassy seige. There were after all several hundren workers on a site covering several thousand sq meters, I think the comment shows what an ill informed little man the chap who made these remarks is.

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betrue1980 wrote:

Re: Raymond.Vermont wrote: Canadian? French Canadian or Anglo Canadian?

What a pathetic comment to imply that somebody who is not of Caucasion anglo-french origin cannot be Canadian. Canada is comprised of a diverse group of 1st 2nd and 3rd generation immigrants from europe, asia, africa and beyond many of whom are not ‘anglo-french’.

If you are of the argument ‘who got here 1st?’, then this land belongs to the Native Indians. Maybe only they can be described as true Canadians.

Jan 21, 2013 10:18pm GMT  --  Report as abuse
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