Special Report - China's military hawks take the offensive

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stevejod1 wrote:

“Zhang’s reputation as a prognosticator, however, has taken a few lumps. He warned of a series of calamities for the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, predicting the attackers would be “engulfed in the vast ocean of a people’s war.”

And they were. Looks like Zhang called it exactly right on the foreseeable aftermath of the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

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RogerHoughton wrote:

Its a cold world out there. China’s history suggests the need for a navy is to convoy its trade in safety. In spite of huge navies patrolling the high seas today we have piracy in all sorts of places and we seem not to mind it.

Diu Yu Toi was formerly Chinese. There are many islands north of Taiwan that were tributary to China or to both China / Japan. They mostly lie on the Chinese continental shelf. To get there from Japan you have to sail over some really deep ocean.

In the South China Sea only China used to harvest the seafood on the shoals. The fishermen were licensed from Hainan and spent the entire summer collecting. The Vietnamese, Filipinos, etc., were totally disinterested until someone said recently that there might be oil there. Then we leant on Vietnam, whose central bank we own, and they issued exploration licences to North America, Europe, Russia, etc., thus creating an interest for us that had not previously existed.

This is not the way to run a planet. Our financial system is bust, our economies are shrinking and we are only able to keep our heads above water by destabilising other countries to encourage their investments in our markets. Howe about a bit of cooperation guys?

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suncarriage wrote:

Patriotic free speech would suit any government that hopes to keep domestic debate aimed at its own legitimacy,firmly under control.The problem with using aggressive sounding patriotism as if it were a safety valve to control more dangerous desires of the governed is that they sometime or another become stuck at maximum and a government can be swept along into an action that it never intended to precipitate.i sincerely hope that China always keeps at the back of its mind Germanys rise on the back of using seemingly successful short sharp wars that in 1914 led to one on which it totally lost control over and ended in a catastrophic defeat.Far better to maintain the policy of quiet rise and good neighbour to the other rising states in which they have to live with.

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