EU budget agreement "not there yet" - Hollande

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2writestoo wrote:

So in the interest of communal harmony the French will give up their Agricultural subsidies and hand the money over to Brussels? Good for you Francoise these subsidies are currently used in France to subsidise the cost of the sugar industry and other food factory goods. If these subsidies to factories were lost it would mean the loss of circa 2,000 French jobs. Alternatively perhaps the money handed back by France (guffaw) will go toward the massive financial subsidies agreed for Southern Italy to be paid out after the upcoming budget increase is approved. That would be the Italy that wants rebates to Britain to be cut so presumably the UK would double the amount it pays into the EU trough gobbles association making the UK the largest net contributor of all 27 countries. The additional monies from the UK will no doubt go to Monti’s Italy to redress the balance between the rich and the poor countries in Europe. According to the “Report for Selected Countries and Subjects” Italy has the world’s third-largest gold reserves, eighth-largest nominal GDP, tenth highest GDP (PPP) and the sixth highest government budget in the world. Compared to Spain, Greece, Portugal, Ireland and Cyprus, Italy is positively princely. So there we have it the French and Italians have agreed to attempt to force the UK to give up its rebate, France will maintain her agricultural subsidies and the Italians will walk off with the Uk’s rebate cash, DEAL DONE

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