G20 steps back from currency brink, heat off Japan

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DavidHill wrote:

Whatever politicians say, inevitably all sovereign states due to nationalistic pressures, will use whatever at their disposal against all other countries if competitive advantage can be obtained, no matter whether that can be being openly about what they are doing or by stealth. Unfortunately it is the nature of globalization and national vested-interests that is inherent within all government thinking. Therefore people will have to get used to the fact that through necessity, nations will do whatever they can to get the upper economic hand. All others are doing it so no country is going to be different and shoot themselves in the economic foot. But wouldn’t it be nice if politicians looked for once to a pluralistic form of cooperation and shared their economic wealth. And I don’t mean the EU in this respect. Then through cooperation, communication and collaboration we might eventually see a sustainable world-order. Unfortunately again as history has shown continuously, politicians are not built to do this between other competing nations and their politicians. Considering this historical aspect of nationalistic governments, the world will continue in a spiral of economic conflict and where eventually using this mindset, it will eventually implode as natural resources run out and the world’s population exceeds 10 billion. Around 2032 will be the crunch time in my opinion and something that research data from both the Royal Society and MIT agree with last year. Indeed they both predicted through their individual research that the world would implode around the same time. The only way to stop this eventuality happening is for nations to construct and operate the vast ORE-STEM complex for the good of all humanity and creatively developed and supported by some of the greatest minds of the 20th century – Glenn Seaborg, John Argyris, Jerome Karle, Xanthos Menelaus et al.

Dr David Hill
World Innovation Foundation

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