Venezuela breaks ties with Panama over "conspiracy"

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What is it with these Latin politicians. They are like children. But, I guess their constituencies are like children, too. So sad. What a waste.

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Buzzy12 wrote:

What a nutter!

I suppose though, the folks in Caracas are glad he isn’t driving a bus anymore. May be they figure as a comedian he will do less damage.

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notapurebreed wrote:

The opportunity for the US to remove itself from Venezuela is now. Maduro is a radical who is hurting his own country. Nothing is remotely free in Venezuela, and that means the economic system, the acceptance of opposition political parties, or the press. Anything that we value as democratic nation is not available in Venezuela. We should break diplomatic relations with this country immediately, and ask that all American’s leave this country as soon as possible. Then all economic ties with this nation should be cancelled, and means all of the oil, and any other product that is shipped from this country. Any product for Venezuela shall be deemed contraband by Panama, those ships should be refused passage through the Canal Zone. Venezuela should not be able to marginalize the Panamanian government without this country support of Panama. Any effort by the Russians, or Chinese to intercede will make this problem worse. The action at Panama is directed at the United States, and the time to draw the line in the sand is now. Russia and China want to use expansionism to create world problems, then the US should give them a taste of their own medicine.

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