Britain set for Falklands Islands oil windfall

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Anepo wrote:

Britain like the US keep’s stealing natural resources from other nations.
Argentina was emptied out and left bankrupt, Afghanistan is in the process of having 3 trillion dollars worth of gold being taken from them by Private US mining corporations.
European Oil companies have acquired all the Oil fields in Iraq.

When will these two Facist states be stopped by it’s people?
If they will not be stopped by the people then I fear many countries will see nuclear as the only action left to stop these agressions of foreign forces.

Feb 18, 2012 2:38pm GMT  --  Report as abuse
Spinner wrote:

Comment on Angelo’s comment:

What a load of old irrelevant codswallop.

Exactly whose natural resources would Britain be “stealing” were it to tap the oil fields around the Falkland Islands? And if you are going to attempt to pull the wool over our collective eyes by muttering something about Argentina, forget it.

Argentina has not, nor ever has, currently or historically, any more claim to the Falkland Islands than Britain once had. The difference now is that the Falkland Islands (and South Georgia) are unarguably British Territories.

It is Argentina which is sounding like a coveting colonial power (that latter word used very loosely indeed), bearing in mind that the Falklands were never, ever, Argentinian Territory, despite a couple of very feeble attempts to make it look like it was. Both attempts led to the Argentinian garrison involved hightailing it out of the place tail between legs.

I am afraid that the colonial attempts by Argentina are going to be frustrated, probably for all time, or at least until the citizens of the Falkland Islands decide they no longer want to remain British.

And I might suggest that hell will freeze over before that happens.

Argentina – get used to it!

Feb 19, 2012 8:04am GMT  --  Report as abuse
mbmajor01 wrote:

i think its funny how argintiea now shows a fresh intrest into the islands only because of the oil reserves, they are raising a complaint to the UN, and what are they going to do? nothing they can do nothing, the UK will NEVER let go of this clearly brittish territory unless the people wish it, and as for there prime minister she knows VERY well they wouldn’t last long in a direct millatery conflict, arginia’s army is out dated there technolagy old and not the mention to lack of money and a man power shortage, they can do NOTHING to stop us they they know that :)

Feb 20, 2012 11:20am GMT  --  Report as abuse
TommyUK1 wrote:

British teritory, British oil (Falklands British) and ever more shall be so.
Go back 200 years and it was still in British hands.
If we were not present there militarily you can bet your pension the Argentinians would invade again, that is what is bothering them, OH and the oil of course.

Feb 23, 2012 1:18pm GMT  --  Report as abuse
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