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Amazon quickens push into tough local services market


SAN FRANCISCO - Seattle audio and video technician Todd Mueller showed up last year for what might have been a routine job except for one thing: Inc was taking notes. As he mounted a flat-screen TV on the wall, an Amazon employee studied how he covered his shoes and used a blanket to protect the hardwood floor.


A mixed quarter for bets on U.S. stock volatility

NEW YORK - With some of Wall Street's more volatile names set to report in the next couple of days, traders who bet on big swings in shares are hoping to see moves more like Facebook than Netflix.


Argentine debt defiance may strengthen holdouts' legal position

NEW YORK - Argentina has fought in court for a dozen years against the claims of holdout investors in its defaulted debt, and Argentina has lost. The holdouts, led by Paul Singer's Elliott Capital Management and Mark Brodsky's Aurelius Capital Management, are still waiting to collect a single penny or peso.


Trendy Chipotle burritos show how pricing power belongs to the hip

- Corporate America can learn a lot from a chicken burrito. As many companies struggle to boost prices without alienating consumers, they may want to study Mexican-food chain Chipotle, which has managed to do both.


Sluggish Latin American results show risks for US companies

- U.S. companies are reporting sluggish financial results in Latin America, showing the risks they face in relying on Brazil and other emerging markets in the region for growth.


Watch what markets don't do as world politics turns nasty

LONDON - Like so much in the investment world of late, it's what financial markets are not doing right now that is most intriguing.


Indonesia's new leader promises to make life easier for investors

JAKARTA - Indonesia's new president, Joko "Jokowi" Widodo, promised to make life simpler for investors by beefing up the country's threadbare infrastructure, untangling near-impenetrable regulations and sacking his ministers if they aren't up to the job.

Argentine default in balance as government refuses to capitulate

BUENOS AIRES - Argentine President Cristina Fernandez's unflinching poker face in the battle against "holdout" investors suing the country is increasing the odds that her government will default for a second time in 12 years at the end of this month.


Is Germany still the champion?

BRUSSELS - A week on from its World Cup soccer victory, Germany may return to centre stage, though this time not with fan celebrations but concerns over the health of Europe's economic motor.

Sterling investors start to price in Scotland vote risk

LONDON - Investors sought protection on Monday against the possibility of a Scottish vote for secession in nine weeks time after months of apparent confidence the 307-year old union with England will survive.




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