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Reuters poll - One-in-three chance Britain-EU divorce talks end with no deal: economists


LONDON There is a near one-in-three chance Britain and the European Union will have failed to ink a deal when the official divorce negotiation period draws to a close at the end of March 2019, a Reuters poll of economists found.


Investors are behaving less like casino punters in China's stock markets

SHANGHAI/HONG KONG Retired chauffeur Yao Huiliang used to spend his days trading small-cap Chinese stocks, trying to make quick money on sharp moves - casino-type behaviour often seen in China's stock markets.

Europe's cashed-up companies get comfy with capex

LONDON Sitting on $1 trillion (770.74 billion pounds) in cash and emerging from years of caution, European companies are now showing the strongest year-on-year growth in capital spending plans in the world.


Goldman's rotten trading quarter is a familiar smell on Wall Street

Big Wall Street banks have spent billions of dollars and untold man-hours in recent years transforming their trading desks from hedge-fund like operations trading on their own account into market-making businesses offering a price based on what customers want to buy or sell.

Lure of long bonds to survive end of easy money

LONDON Demand for long-dated bonds and the extra yield they offer has boomed over the past decade in an era of ultra-low interest rates. Yet now, even as central banks tighten policy, investors show little sign of retreating from the riskier debt.


Doubts about Trump's agenda seen accelerating U.S. dollar decline

NEW YORK The outlook for the U.S. dollar turned even more bearish on Tuesday after healthcare reform legislation again failed to pass in Congress, casting further doubt on whether the Trump administration will be able to progress to tax reform, infrastructure improvements, and banking deregulation. | Video


After throwing in the kitchen sink, what's a central bank to do?

LONDON Central banks struggling to lift historically low interest rates and rein in stimulus programmes may have more on their minds than just getting back to normal -- they are, by some accounts, nowhere near ready to deal with the next recession or crisis.


Commentary: Secular stagnation? Markets lap up "secular stability"

LONDON For all the talk of secular stagnation, lasting scars from the global financial crisis and investors paralysed by fears over another imminent crash, there's precious little evidence of any of it in financial markets right now.


BoE to hold rates along bumpy road to Brexit - Reuters poll

LONDON Above-target inflation won't push the Bank of England to tighten monetary policy this year or next as it waits to see if wage increases catch up with price rises and how divorce talks with the European Union pan out, a Reuters poll found.


Nerves over ECB's pain threshold keeps euro in check

LONDON Many stars would seem to be aligned for further euro appreciation against the dollar, but there is an absence of properly bullish forecasts.




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