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The Great Divide - how markets are shaping up ahead of Fed, ECB


LONDON The U.S. Federal Reserve and European Central Bank are expected to deliver sharply contrasting policy decisions next month, reflecting how the world's two largest economies have moved from the Great Recession to the Great Divide.


Global funds raise U.S. equity holdings, eye emerging markets for 2016 bounce - Reuters poll

LONDON Global investors raised allocations to U.S. and British equities in November and lifted weightings of selected emerging market assets to multi-year highs as some managers positioned for a potential rebound in the sector.


Last year's investment pariah Russia comes in from the cold

LONDON Russia is returning from the investment wilderness after last year's oil price collapse and Western business sanctions with funds attracted by falling interest rates and a light 2016 debt repayment calendar.


BoE to hike rates in Q2 2016, but dependent on December Fed move - Reuters poll

LONDON The Bank of England will hike interest rates in the second quarter of next year but the timing may rest on whether the U.S. Federal Reserve tightens policy in the world's largest economy next month, a Reuters poll found.


Other central banks set to act, but Swiss policy cupboard bare

ZURICH When the Swiss National Bank stunned markets in January by abandoning its currency cap it had imposed in its franc against the euro, it did so with eyes on the European Central Bank.

Exhaustion of austerity meets maxed-out monetary policy

LONDON There won't be any press conferences, fireworks or tears to mark its passing, but the latest wave of austerity worldwide may well have had its day.


With glory days gone, London traders face life in 'real world'

LONDON Once dubbed "masters of the universe", it seemed the party would never end for a profession often associated with a champagne lifestyle of fast cars and faster living.

Risk of market jolt on Brexit could complicate BoE decision

LONDON UK markets have not even begun to discount the chance that Britain could vote to leave the European Union next year, raising the risk of a blowup closer to the vote and complicating the timing of any Bank of England interest rate rise, top investors say.


Britain needs to start doing favours to win EU friends

BRUSSELS The British used to be past masters in the art of trading favours to secure their interests in the European Union.


Emerging markets - the comeback kid for 2016

LONDON/NEW YORK - After a miserable few years, emerging markets are in line for a strong rebound in capital flows in 2016, some of the world's biggest investors predicted this week, although they warned that the benefits will not be shared evenly.




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