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Strong dollar, rising volatility mark Q3 markets. Same again in Q4?


LONDON - The biggest scramble for dollars and sharpest rise in currency volatility for years were the hallmarks of financial markets in the third quarter, developments which have intensified worries that the final three months of the year might be equally bumpy.


Global stock market rally set to continue into 2015 - Reuters poll

LONDON - Global stock markets will keep climbing well into 2015 as they shift away from a liquidity driven rally to focus on growth expectations, although many strategists also warned in a worldwide Reuters poll that prices are already very high.


Europe's German growth locomotive on strike

PARIS - Europe's growth locomotive is on strike.


Gold price seen near tipping point for mine cuts, closures

VANCOUVER - The price of gold, down more than a third in three years, is approaching the tipping point where the mining industry would see a spike in the number of producers reducing output or even shutting down operations.


As Ukraine's debt tangle unwinds, Russia holds key thread

LONDON - A selloff on Ukraine's dollar debt is focusing attention on a controversial $3 billion bond held by Russia, raising investor concerns that President Vladimir Putin could use the issue to trigger a cascade of defaults across Kiev's sovereign Eurobonds.


Ukraine crisis risks recession for Europe - El-Erian

NEW YORK - Mohamed El-Erian, the chief economic adviser at Allianz SE, warned that global markets do not fully appreciate the risk posed by the Ukrainian crisis, a conflict which could push Europe into recession.

ECB's Draghi says ready to use more unconventional tools

FRANKFURT - The European Central Bank stands ready to use additional unconventional tools and tweak its existing efforts to spur inflation and growth in the euro zone if needed, ECB President Mario Draghi said on Monday.


Short sellers target China, this time from the shadows

HONG KONG - Short-sellers who profit from stock price declines have resumed targeting Chinese companies after a three-year lull, but many of the researchers who instigate the strategy are now cloaked in anonymity, shielding themselves from angry companies and Beijing's counter-investigations.


Market calm over Scottish vote at odds with disaster warnings

LONDON - The big question about investor anxiety over Scotland's independence referendum is not whether it's warranted, but why it took so long to materialise and why it's still so marginal.

Scottish investment trusts could move south on 'Yes' vote in referendum

LONDON - Invented by a Scotsman more than a century ago, a fifth of the billions of pounds invested in the UK investment trust sector still resides north of the border. For how much longer is uncertain.






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