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Trying to unlock Brexit, May to make offer on EU citizens

British Prime Minister Theresa May will promise on Thursday to make it as easy as possible for European Union citizens living in Britain to stay after Brexit, trying to unlock stalled talks that have spurred calls for her to walk away.

The not-quite-independent U.S. immigration courts

U.S. immigration courts are administrative courts within the Department of Justice’s Executive Office for Immigration Review. Unlike federal court judges, whose authority stems from the U.S. Constitution’s establishment of an independent judicial branch, immigration judges fall under the executive branch and thus are hired, and can be fired, by the attorney general.

Stocks rise on earnings while bonds, dollar fall

Wall Street posted record closing highs on Wednesday, driven by strong earnings, while U.S. Treasuries declined in price as investors focused on monetary policy and the dollar snapped a four-day rally.

German coalition talks: 'Road to Jamaica is long'

German politicians seeking to form a first of a kind coalition of conservatives, liberals and leftist environmentalists agreed on one thing after their first talks on Wednesday: it's going to take a while.

Twitter looks to toughen rules on online harassment, abuse

Twitter Inc plans to toughen its rules on online sexual harassment and impose stronger penalties for misconduct, according to an email it sent to a group of safety advocates, academics and researchers that helps the social media service set its policies.