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Germany calls May's Brexit speech 'disappointing'

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel on Saturday described British Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit speech as "disappointing", saying it offered no concrete details on how Britain wants to structure its exit from the European Union.

Tattoos move into cultural mainstream

Mothers shopping with teenage children and parents pushing baby buggies joined the crowds of body art enthusiasts at this weekend's annual London Tattoo Convention, underscoring the increasing acceptance of tattoos in mainstream culture.

Minister for London slams 'blanket ban' on Uber

A government minister has criticised the London authorities for deciding to strip Uber of its taxi licence, a major setback to the U.S. technology firm that has become a big player in the city's transport system.

Petition against Uber's London ban hits 500,000

A petition organised by Uber against London's decision not to renew its operating licence has gathered 500,000 signatures, little more than 24 hours after the decision was announced, a website monitoring its progress showed on Saturday.