Oddly Enough Headlines

Fri, Aug 29 2014

In India, rice replaces ice in bucket challenge

NEW DELHI - The famous "ice bucket" challenge is inspiring thousands of Indians to follow suit, but with a twist - they are replacing ice with rice in a bid to help the country's vast population of poor, hungry people.

Oddly Enough, Tennis 29 Aug 2014

Thu, Aug 28 2014

Singaporeans go barking mad over bid to silence dogs

SINGAPORE - A suggestion by Singapore's public housing authority that owners of noisy dogs consider "debarking" their pets to avoid inconveniencing neighbours has raised animal lovers' hackles in the city-state and prompted much ridicule on social media.

28 Aug 2014

Wed, Aug 27 2014

Shaun the sheep, when shorn, may turn out to be world's woolliest

SYDNEY - Two Australian farmers say that they may have found the world’s woolliest sheep, whose estimated 25 kg (55 lb) coat, if confirmed, could shatter the world record currently held by neighbouring New Zealand. | Video

27 Aug 2014

From Texas, where everything is bigger, the 99-pack of beer

AUSTIN Texas - Beer packaging has just gotten a lot bigger in Texas, where a small brewery is launching a 99-pack of its "Peacemaker" ale.

27 Aug 2014

Tue, Aug 26 2014

Australian plane makes emergency landing after elderly passenger seizes controls

SYDNEY - An Australian pilot made an emergency landing after wresting back the controls of his light aircraft from an 82-year-old passenger who grabbed them midflight, the aircraft's charter company said.

26 Aug 2014

Young fan who dresses like Fidel Castro meets his idol


SAN ANTONIO DE LOS BANOS Cuba - All that's missing is the beard. | Video

26 Aug 2014

A Florida first - Crocodile attacks couple during late-night dip

MIAMI - A Miami man remained hospitalised in serious condition after a crocodile for the first time in Florida history attacked a pair of late-night swimmers near an upscale suburb, a wildlife official said on Monday.

26 Aug 2014

Mon, Aug 25 2014

German woman hunts down father's ashes after DHL delivers to corner shop

BERLIN - A German woman has found her dead father's ashes behind a stack of boxes in a convenience store after courier company DHL was unable to deliver the urn to the church for his funeral, Bild newspaper reported on Monday.

25 Aug 2014

Fri, Aug 22 2014

It's 'bone-appétit' for California pooches under new law

- California diners can now legally enjoy a meal on a restaurant patio with their dogs in tow, under a law signed Thursday by Governor Jerry Brown that eliminates health code regulations banning restaurant owners from allowing pooches on the premises.

22 Aug 2014

Wed, Aug 20 2014

Our life with the Neanderthals was no brief affair


LONDON - Far from wiping out Neanderthals overnight, modern humans rubbed along with their shorter and stockier cousins for thousands of years, giving plenty of time for the two groups to share ideas - and have sex.

20 Aug 2014

UK’s strong GDP has a soft centre

The headline - 0.8 percent second-quarter growth - sounds good. But construction shrank and industrial production was weak. Only services were strong. It sounds like a warning of future problems. Expectations of a UK interest rate rise may be delayed, leading the pound down.