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Mon, Mar 30 2015

Pennsylvania girl, 4, rides bus alone in search of slushie, shocks passengers

- A 4-year-old Pennsylvania girl surprised a driver and passengers when she boarded a public bus alone in the middle of the night on a quest for a sugary slushy, transportation officials said on Sunday.

30 Mar 2015

Thu, Mar 26 2015

Singaporeans say BreadTalk's Lee Kuan Yew bun is in poor taste


SINGAPORE - Bakery chain BreadTalk Group apologised and pulled a bun commemorating the city-state's first prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew, from its stores after drawing flak from social media users who said the baked goods were insensitive.

26 Mar 2015

Wed, Mar 25 2015

Heave, ho - Elephants rescue 18-wheeler stranded on Louisiana road


NEW ORLEANS - When an 18-wheeler truck became stranded by the side of a Louisiana road, two elephants inside came to the rescue.

25 Mar 2015

Mon, Mar 16 2015

Time stands still in Japan's village of scarecrows


NAGORO, Japan - Tsukimi Ayano made her first scarecrow 13 years ago to frighten off birds pecking at seeds in her garden. The life-sized straw doll resembled her father, so she made more. And then couldn't stop. | Video

16 Mar 2015

Fri, Mar 20 2015

Paper planes, parents help Indian pupils outsmart state exams

PATNA, India - Images of Indian students blatantly cheating on school-leaving examinations under the noses of supervisors have gone viral, inviting ridicule on Twitter and exposing flaws in the much-maligned education system of an impoverished eastern state.

20 Mar 2015

Ohio man cleared of murder after 39 years in jail to get $1-million payment

- An Ohio man freed last year after spending 39 years in jail for a murder he did not commit will receive more than $1 million (677,435 pounds) from the state for his wrongful imprisonment, court records show.

20 Mar 2015

Tue, Mar 17 2015

Serbians told: don't throw your hand grenades into the garbage

BELGRADE - The Serbian government asked people on Tuesday not to dispose of hand grenades and other munitions in the garbage, hoping to minimise accidents as it imposes tighter controls over privately held weapons.

17 Mar 2015

Mon, Mar 16 2015

Poisoned Irish setter not killed at world's biggest dog show: Crufts

LONDON - There was no murder at the world's biggest dog show, rather the three-year-old Irish setter Jagger was most likely poisoned upon its return to Belgium, the British event's organiser said on Monday.

16 Mar 2015

Nude Pakistan motorcyclist gets dressing down as video goes viral

ISLAMABAD - A Pakistani motorcyclist has been arrested in the eastern city of Lahore after police caught him riding naked along a busy road, days after a video of his exploits went viral on social media.

16 Mar 2015

Fri, Mar 13 2015

What happened to Putin? Satirists run riot online


MOSCOW - A wave of savage mockery broke over Russian President Vladimir Putin across the Internet on Friday, sparked by days of absence from public view, despite official insistence it was business as usual in the Kremlin. | Video

World, Oddly Enough 13 Mar 2015