Oddly Enough Headlines

Wed, Nov 26 2014

Swiss group wants sausage dogs to be petted, not eaten

ZURICH - An animal rights group has petitioned the Swiss government to ban a traditional, if rare, practise of eating cats for dinner and turning dogs into sausages.

26 Nov 2014

Mac and Cheese beak-to-beak in contest for Obama turkey pardon


WASHINGTON - U.S. President Barack Obama is set to announce Wednesday afternoon whether Mac or Cheese will be America's top turkey, then both birds will travel to their new home: a farm in Virginia.

26 Nov 2014

Honeymoon interrupted as disorderly Brit hauled off plane in Bermuda

HAMILTON, Bermuda - A British man headed to his honeymoon on a Cuba-bound flight instead found himself grounded in Bermuda after drunkenly threatening the flight crew, with his wife continuing on to Cuba without him, authorities in Bermuda said on Tuesday.

UK, Oddly Enough 26 Nov 2014

Tue, Nov 25 2014

Fifty years later, American skating team claims Olympics bronze

WASHINGTON - Fifty years after Vivian Joseph and Ronald Joseph skated at the Innsbruck Olympics, the American pair on Tuesday officially claimed the bronze medal.

25 Nov 2014

Putin's tiger the main suspect in mystery China goat deaths - Xinhua

BEIJING - A Siberian tiger released into the wild by Russian President Vladimir Putin is the main suspect in a series of goat deaths in China's northeast, state media reported Chinese local authorities as saying on Tuesday.

Oddly Enough, World 25 Nov 2014

Mon, Nov 24 2014

U.S. Coast Guard to fly 193 wayward turtles from Boston to Florida

BOSTON - The U.S. Coast Guard said on Monday it would transport 193 endangered sea turtles by plane from Massachusetts to Florida after they got trapped in frigid waters off Cape Cod.

24 Nov 2014

Turkish president rounds on feminists, says men and women not equal


ISTANBUL - Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan told a meeting on women's rights on Monday that gender equality was contrary to nature and said feminists did not recognise the value of motherhood.

Oddly Enough, World 24 Nov 2014

Thu, Nov 20 2014

'Tom of Finland' gay images set for bedroom and bath


HELSINKI - A Finnish textile company hopes to cash in on the popularity of artist Touko Laaksonen's homoerotic images among the gay community with a "Tom of Finland" branded range of towels, bed linens and other products.

20 Nov 2014

Three Thais detained for handing out tickets to Hunger Games


BANGKOK - Three Thai university students were taken into police custody on Thursday for handing out free tickets to the latest film in the Hunger Games series, from which Thai protesters have borrowed a gesture of resistance to a totalitarian government. | Video

Oddly Enough, World 20 Nov 2014

Colorado man accused of wife's murder marked spot with X on map

DENVER - A Colorado man accused of killing his wife by pushing her off a cliff had a map with an "X" marking the spot where she fell to her death, unsealed court records show.

20 Nov 2014