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May says pensioner incomes will rise, avoids hard commitment

British Prime Minister Theresa May said on Wednesday that old age pension payments would continue to rise if her party wins a June 8 election, but avoided renewing a pledge made by her predecessor that mandates a minimum 2.5 percent annual rise.

Cashless society getting closer, survey finds

More than a third of Europeans and Americans would be happy to go without cash and rely on electronic forms of payment if they could, and at least 20 percent already pretty much do so, a study showed on Wednesday.

From coffee to carpets, British consumers count the pennies

Britons are cutting back on their daily coffee fix and hesitating before splashing out on bigger items such as new carpets, retailers said on Tuesday, further signs that consumer spending is slowing sharply ahead of a national election in June.

UK public inflation expectations stable in April - Citi-YouGov

The British public's expectations for inflation over the coming year remained steady in April, despite previous sharp rises in the country's most closely watched measures of price growth, a monthly survey by bank Citi and polling firm YouGov showed.