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Morning Briefing: Brexit smoke and mirrors

Is Brexit all smoke and mirrors? Certainly a fug of vagueness persists over much the British government's negotiating stance on the issues so far on the table, while its position papers this week on those coming up have in many cases looked at how to "mirror" existing arrangements with the EU (it even used the term explicitly in yesterday's contribution).

Morning Briefing: Trump's new Afghan war; Barcelona suspects in court

Donald Trump's declaration of an open-ended "fight to win" the 16-year conflict in Afghanistan will resonate with European allies who will now be asked to step up to the plate in boosting Western troop numbers there. This was the military effort that was wound down from its peak of 2011, when no fewer than 140,000 troops operated under U.S. and NATO command there: Washington now acknowledges the withdrawal was too fast, with local Afghan forces unable to check Taliban insurgen

Daily Briefing: French jobless - signs of movement

After yesterday's massive upgrade to growth prospects for the Dutch economy and the smaller but still significant one for the euro zone as a whole, now even France is reporting a fall in its stubbornly high unemployment.

Daily Briefing: UK-Ireland - the invisible border

After yesterday's proposals on customs arrangements, Britain releases its latest Brexit position paper on the delicate matter of the post-Brexit border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland to the south. Britain is suggesting a physical barrier can be avoided through creative use of technology to track the transit of goods, and also wants there to be free travel of people from north to south. There are still lots of question marks as to how that could work in pr