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Nine Ukrainian soldiers killed in 'tense' eastern conflict - Kiev military


KIEV - Nine Ukrainian servicemen have been killed in fighting Russian-backed separatists in the past 24 hours, the Kiev military said on Tuesday, as rebels fought to encircle a key town straddling transport routes between their two strongholds.

1:28pm GMT

Snowstorm sweeps northeast U.S., New York spared its brunt


BOSTON/NEW YORK - A blizzard swept across the northeastern United States on Tuesday, dropping more than a foot (30 cm) of snow across Massachusetts and Connecticut even as its impact on New York City fell short of dire predictions.

2:02pm GMT

Hollande tells French Jews - 'Your place is here'


PARIS - President Francois Hollande promised on Tuesday to protect French Jews and, in an apparent riposte to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's invitation for them to emigrate after attacks in Paris, told them: "Your place is here".

2:13pm GMT

Battles continue outside Syria's Kobani after Kurds claim victory


BEIRUT - Kurdish forces battled Islamic State fighters outside Kobani on Tuesday, a monitoring group said, a day after Kurds said they had taken full control of the northern Syrian town following a four-month battle.

World, Syria, Middle East 2:19pm GMT

Anti-austerity economist says to become Greek finance minister


ATHENS - Economics professor Yanis Varoufakis confirmed he would become Greece's next finance minister on Tuesday, promising to defy advice to "put up or shut up" and find solutions that favour all Europeans rather than just Greeks.

2:01pm GMT

Exclusive - ICC backers defy Israeli call to cut funding to war crimes court

THE HAGUE - Many leading backers of the International Criminal Court will ignore Israel's call for them to cut funding in response to an inquiry into possible war crimes in the Palestinian territories, officials told Reuters.

World, Israel, Middle East 2:13pm GMT

Japan vows to work with Jordan to secure hostage release


TOKYO - Japan has vowed to work with Jordan to secure the release of a Japanese journalist held by Islamic State militants after the killing last week of another Japanese captive, but it reiterated that it would not give in to terrorism.

World, Japan, Middle East 1:03pm GMT

Russia dismisses U.S. espionage charges against alleged NYC spy ring

MOSCOW - Russia's foreign ministry on Tuesday dismissed charges by the U.S. against three men for their alleged involvement in a Russian spy ring operating in New York City.

2:15pm GMT

Obama to bolster crucial Saudi alliance amid Mideast unrest

RIYADH - U.S. President Barack Obama arrived in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday to pay his respects after the death of King Abdullah, a trip that underscores the importance of a U.S.-Saudi alliance that extends beyond oil interests to regional security.

World, Middle East 1:07pm GMT

Anti-jihadist raids net five in France, three in Belgium

PARIS - Police in France and Belgium arrested eight suspected militant Islamists on Tuesday in dawn raids three weeks after jihadists killed 17 people in Paris.

12:13pm GMT