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'Maze Runner' sets hopes on O'Brien and big screens for young adults

LOS ANGELES - When MTV's "Teen Wolf" heartthrob Dylan O'Brien first auditioned for young adult dystopian film "The Maze Runner," director Wes Ball thought he was too "cool" to play the movie's innocent, vulnerable lead.

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Daughter of comedian Joan Rivers thanks fans for support, kindness

NEW YORK - Melissa Rivers, the only daughter of legendary comedian Joan Rivers, who died two weeks ago following complications from an outpatient throat procedure, said her mother would have been overwhelmed by the depth of love people have shown for her.

18 Sep 2014

Restaurant serves ethnic cuisine - with side-dish of conflict resolution

LONDON - It doesn’t want to force a message down your throat, but it hopes that by the time you leave you might have digested more than just dinner. Conflict Kitchen London wants to be a restaurant with a conscience. 

18 Sep 2014

Exhibition explores ideology, consequences of Hitler's plans to rebuild Berlin

BERLIN - Adolf Hitler's utopian plans to rebuild Berlin on a monumental scale were never realised, but the preparations that got under way involved demolitions and the use of slave labour - the victims mainly Jewish, as a new exhibition shows.

18 Sep 2014

Sophia Loren, Italy's national icon, turns 80 with book of memoirs

ROME - Sophia Loren, Italy's national cinema icon and eternal diva, turns 80 this week and is marking the milestone with a book of memoirs revealing details of her rags-to-riches life.

18 Sep 2014

Mexico lawmakers seek to fine Miley Cyrus for flag spank while twerking

MONTERREY - A Mexican state legislature has asked the country's federal government to fine singer Miley Cyrus after one of her dancers spanked Cyrus's backside with a Mexican flag as she "twerked" during an independence day performance.

18 Sep 2014