Expectations high for record spending at New York art auctions


NEW YORK - The gavel will not come down on the first lot of New York's major fall auctions until Tuesday, but records have already fallen and more are virtually certain once the bidding actually begins.


Ewan McGregor leads all-star cast in Broadway revival of 'The Real Thing' 4:39pm GMT

NEW YORK - Thirty years after its initial Broadway run, Scottish actor Ewan McGregor is heading an all-star cast in the latest revival of Tom Stoppard's Tony winning play, "The Real Thing," about love, truth, marriage and infidelity.


Vatican unveils new air, light systems to protect Michelangelo frescoes 29 Oct 2014

VATICAN CITY - The Vatican on Wednesday unveiled new high-tech, energy-saving lighting and air purification systems to protect Michelangelo's delicate Sistine Chapel frescoes from damage caused by ever-growing crowds of tourists.

Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Galway Kinnell dies in Vermont 29 Oct 2014

- Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Galway Kinnell died on Tuesday at his home in Vermont after battling leukemia, his wife said on Wednesday. He was 87.


Quirky Matisse exhibit rekindles art mystery in Venezuela 28 Oct 2014

CARACAS - Venezuela is flaunting its newly-recovered Henri Matisse painting next to a sloppy copy that was put in its place when the original was stolen more than a decade ago, rekindling an art-world mystery.


'Last Witness' of Treblinka keeps camp's memory alive in film, art 28 Oct 2014

MIAMI - Samuel Willenberg, the last known living survivor of the notorious Nazi extermination camp Treblinka is nearing the end of a life's mission to tell of the horrors that he saw there. | Video


Rock star Sting's musical 'The Last Ship' docks on Broadway 27 Oct 2014

NEW YORK - "The Last Ship," a musical by Grammy-winning rock star Sting based on his childhood in a shipbuilding town in northeastern England, landed on Broadway with a star-studded opening. | Video


'Shell Shock' opera brings trauma of World War One to stage 24 Oct 2014

BRUSSELS - Belgian composer Nicholas Lens and Australian rocker Nick Cave have joined forces to create an opera marking the centenary of World War One, depicting the horrors of the conflict through the eyes of soldiers, deserters, a nurse and an orphan.


Keira Knightley to appear on Broadway in 2015 in 'Therese Raquin' 23 Oct 2014

NEW YORK - British actress Keira Knightley will make her Broadway debut next year in a new adaptation of "Therese Raquin," based on the novel by Emile Zola.

Pulitzer-winning play 'Disgraced' probes identity, prejudice 24 Oct 2014

NEW YORK - A dinner party in an elegant New York apartment goes terribly wrong in "Disgraced," the Pulitzer Prize-winning play about ambition, race, religion and identity that opened on Broadway.