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Move over Picasso: first-ever emojis to hang in N.Y. Museum of Modern Art


NEW YORK Smiley faces and images of food and cats designed almost 20 years ago by a Japanese phone company and used in digital messages worldwide have now attained the status of art.


American Paul Beatty's race satire wins Man Booker Prize 26 Oct 2016

LONDON Paul Beatty was on Tuesday named as the first American to win the prestigious Man Booker fiction prize, for "The Sellout", a biting satire on race relations in the United States. | Video


The $900,000 question behind Bob Dylan's Nobel prize 25 Oct 2016

STOCKHOLM Many writers might give their right arm to be paid almost $1 million to deliver a lecture. But Bob Dylan's silence since he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature might mean he never sees the award money.


Scholars use Big Data to show Marlowe co-wrote three Shakespeare plays 25 Oct 2016

LONDON A new edition of William Shakespeare's complete works will name Christopher Marlowe as co-author of three plays, shedding new light on the links between the two great playwrights after centuries of speculation and conspiracy theories.

Ninth century library goes digital to reach wider audience 24 Oct 2016

RABAT A ninth century library in Morocco, widely believed to be the oldest in the world, is going digital to make its ancient treasures available to a wider audience. | Video


Waves wipe out part of Australian art exhibit 25 Oct 2016

SYDNEY Huge waves wiped out part of a popular Australian seaside art exhibit on Monday, dragging sculptures down the beach and into the ocean.


Tate Liverpool's winter season launches with Yves Klein works 20 Oct 2016

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND Paintings by Yves Klein go on display at Tate Liverpool gallery this week, the first solo exhibition in Britain of the influential French artist's works in more than 20 years.


Centuries-old Ten Commandments tablet heads to auction in Texas 21 Oct 2016

DALLAS A stone tablet thought to be about 1,500 years old with a worn-down chiseled inscription of the Ten Commandments will be sold next month at auction, with a stipulation that the buyer must put it on public display, an auction house said on Friday.


Australia's 'Sculpture by the Sea' exhibition begins near Sydney 19 Oct 2016

SYDNEY Australia's annual "Sculpture by the Sea" exhibition got under way on Tuesday with more than 100 giant figures looming along the coastline between Bondi and Tamarama beaches near Sydney.

British artist sues Trump campaign over anti-refugee 'Skittles' tweet 20 Oct 2016

A British artist is suing U.S. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, saying the campaign illegally used his photograph of a bowl of brightly colored Skittles candies to illustrate its position against bringing Syrian refugees to the United States.