Arctic oil well blowout could spread more than 1,000 km: WWF study

CALGARY Alberta - Oil from a spill or oil well blowout in the Arctic waters of Canada's Beaufort Sea could easily become trapped in sea ice and potentially spread more than 1,000 kilometers to the west coast of Alaska, a World Wildlife Fund study showed on Friday.

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Crews gain ground on Washington state wildfire as residents assess damage

SEATTLE - Crews battling the largest wildfire in Washington state's history had more than half the 10-day-old blaze contained on Thursday as displaced residents began assessing damage in a dozen fire-ravaged communities.

24 Jul 2014

Oregon GMO labeling measure certified for November ballot

PORTLAND Ore. - An Oregon citizens' initiative that would require labeling of foods made with genetically modified ingredients has garnered more than enough signatures to gain a spot on the state's November ballot, a state government spokesman said on Thursday.

24 Jul 2014

Storm kills two, injures 31 at Virginia campground

WASHINGTON - A likely tornado tore through an eastern Virginia campground on Thursday, killing two people and injuring 31 as it downed trees and overturned vehicles, officials said.

2:18am BST

Concerns grow over damage to EU wheat crop quality

PARIS - Europe is heading toward a large wheat harvest this year but concerns are mounting that much of it could only be fit to feed animals after heavy rain earlier this month.

24 Jul 2014