Rains slow Sri Lankan landslide search; nearly 150 feared dead

COLOMBO - Heavy rains hampered search operations on Friday at the site of a landslide in Sri Lanka where more than 100 people were buried under tons of mud and rubble two days ago.

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Californians will pay more for water, must still conserve: officials

SACRAMENTO Calif. - Californians face higher water prices and permanent conservation measures amid drought, global warming and population growth in a state that has long struggled to satisfy urban and agricultural needs, the administration of Governor Jerry Brown said Thursday.

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History of U.S. biofuel mandate provides opening for legal challenge

WASHINGTON - Probable legal challenges to proposed cuts in the 2014 U.S. biofuel mandate could focus on a two-word phrase dropped from the U.S. law establishing the renewable fuel program back in 2005: distribution capacity.

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In war on smog, struggling China steel mills adapt to survive

BEIJING - Chinese steel mills, among the biggest in the world, are altering their production schedules to offset disruption from forced plant closures aimed at curbing choking air pollution during a summit of world leaders in Beijing next month.

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Washington state man charged with trying to move river

SEATTLE - A Washington state man accused of using an excavator and a bulldozer to try to alter the Tahuya River was charged on Thursday with environmental violations, the state's top attorney said.

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