China to outlaw eating of protected animal species

BEIJING - China will jail people who eat rare animals for 10 years or more under a new interpretation of the criminal law, state media reported, as the government seeks to close a legal loophole and better protect the natural environment.

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China to impose tougher penalties on polluters in new environmental law 24 Apr 2014

BEIJING - China on Thursday passed amendments to the country's environmental protection law that will impose tougher penalties on polluters in the most sweeping revisions to the law in 25 years.


More teams withdraw, Nepal's Everest season in jeopardy 24 Apr 2014

KATHMANDU - Several foreign climbing expeditions have called off attempts to scale Everest following an avalanche that killed at least 13 local guides, meaning Nepal faces an entire season without a single ascent of the mountain for the first time in decades.


EU climate chief urges China to show international commitment 23 Apr 2014

BEIJING - China could set a new pace for slow-moving international climate talks by bringing its domestic commitment to fight global warming on to the world stage, the EU's top climate change official said on Wednesday.

Managers mishandled radiation leak at New Mexico nuclear site -official 24 Apr 2014

- Managers mishandled a radiation leak at a New Mexico nuclear waste dump in which 21 workers were exposed to airborne radioactive particles due in part to substandard equipment and safety systems, a U.S. investigator said on Wednesday.

Drop in population of Gulf of Maine baby lobsters puzzles scientists 23 Apr 2014

BOWDOINHAM, Maine - The number of baby lobsters in the Gulf of Maine has dropped by half since 2007, a phenomenon that has puzzled scientists as the population of adult lobsters remains near a record high, contributing to robust catches.