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Novartis solid tumor 'CAR T cell' still holds promise: researcher


- A new type of immuno-oncology treatment from Novartis AG proved safe in a tiny study of three types of solid tumors, but the trial included too few patients and used too small a dose of the experimental product to prove effectiveness, according to data presented at a cancer meeting on Sunday.

Iowa reports biggest U.S. outbreak of bird flu in poultry 12:50am BST

CHICAGO - Iowa, the top U.S. egg-producing state, found a lethal strain of bird flu in millions of hens at an egg-laying facility on Monday, the worst case so far in a national outbreak that prompted Wisconsin to declare a state of emergency.

New U.S. mammogram guidelines stick with screening from age 50 12:10am BST

CHICAGO - New mammogram screening guidelines from an influential panel of U.S. experts reaffirm earlier guidance that breast cancer screening should begin at age 50 for most women, but they acknowledge that women in their 40s also benefit, something experts say is a step in the right direction.


Type, frequency of e-cigarette use linked to quitting smoking 12:06am BST

LONDON - Two new studies looking at whether electronic cigarettes help smokers to quit their deadly habit have found that while some of them can, it depends on the type and how often it is used.


Kraft removing synthetic colors from iconic macaroni & cheese 20 Apr 2015

- Kraft Foods Group Inc on Monday said it is revamping its family-friendly macaroni and cheese meal, removing synthetic colors and preservatives from the popular boxed dinner.

Mindfulness therapy as good as medication for chronic depression - study 12:07am BST

LONDON - Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) may be just as effective as anti-depressants in helping prevent people with chronic depression from relapsing, scientists said on Tuesday.


Indiana governor extends needle program to fight HIV 20 Apr 2015

LOUISVILLE, Ky. - The governor of Indiana on Monday said he would extend an emergency health order, including a needle exchange, in response to an HIV outbreak caused by intravenous drug abuse which has reached 134 confirmed and preliminary cases.

Chamomile tea tied to lower thyroid cancer risk 20 Apr 2015

(Reuters Health) - Consumption of chamomile tea was linked with a lower risk of thyroid cancer in a small Greek study.

Florida governor, state employees end drug testing dispute 20 Apr 2015

MIAMI, - Florida Governor Rick Scott and the state's largest union of public employees agreed to end a long-running dispute over the broad use of random drug testing of state workers, according to a court filing on Monday.

Iowa flock with 5.3 million chickens infected with deadly bird flu: USDA 20 Apr 2015

CHICAGO - A flock of 5.3 million chickens in Iowa has been infected with a deadly strain of bird flu, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said on Monday, the biggest flock yet to be hit by the virus.