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Banned Medicaid providers still participate in some states, report says


- Hundreds of medical providers banned from a Medicaid program in one state are able to take part in another state's program despite regulations designed to stop them, according to a report by an independent federal auditor to be released on Wednesday.


Pfizer wins EU approval for $15 billion Hospira buy 04 Aug 2015

BRUSSELS - U.S. drugmaker Pfizer gained European Union antitrust approval on Tuesday for its proposed $15 billion acquisition of U.S. rival Hospira after pledging to sell some drugs to allay competition concerns.

Legionnaires' deaths prompt New York mayor to vow cooling tower regulations 04 Aug 2015

NEW YORK - Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Tuesday a historic outbreak of Legionnaires' disease that killed seven New Yorkers has triggered an effort to mandate city-wide inspections and cleanings of air conditioning cooling towers. | Video


Contrary to popular myth, 'the pill' prevents womb cancer, study finds 12:08am BST

LONDON - Using an oral contraceptive, often referred to as "the pill", gives long-term protection against womb cancer and the longer it is used the greater the reduction in risk, scientists said on Wednesday.

Medicare rule may needlessly extend some hospital stays 04 Aug 2015

(Reuters Health) - A decades old Medicare rule requiring a three-day hospital stay before patients can transfer to skilled nursing facilities may needlessly prolong hospitalizations, a study suggests.


Special veg-rich diet may slow cognitive decline in elderly, study shows 04 Aug 2015

NEW YORK - A diet rich in green leafy vegetables, beans, berries, whole grains and wine can help to slow normal brain aging and cognitive decline, researchers said on Tuesday.

U.S. health regulator issues new cleaning guide for superbug-prone device 2:23am BST

- Hospitals that can afford it should take steps beyond those recommended by the manufacturer to clean and disinfect a type of device at the center of a recent superbug outbreak in the United States, health regulators said on Tuesday.

37,000 U.S. infection-related deaths preventable over five years: CDC 04 Aug 2015

- Closer coordination between healthcare facilities and public health departments could save 37,000 U.S. lives over five years by preventing infections from antibiotic-resistant germs and from a nasty intestinal bug called C. difficile, according to a government report released on Tuesday.


Senate blocks Planned Parenthood defunding measure 04 Aug 2015

WASHINGTON - Republican legislation to cut off federal funding for Planned Parenthood failed to gather enough support in the U.S. Senate on Monday, halting at least for now moves to punish the women's health group for its role in gathering fetal tissue from abortions for medical research.

Mindfulness-based therapy eases veterans’ PTSD symptoms 04 Aug 2015

(Reuters Health) - Some veterans may experience a sharper decline in symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with mindfulness-based stress reduction therapy than with other forms of group treatment, a study suggests.