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Sierra Leone's Ebola lockdown likely to be extended


FREETOWN - A three-day lockdown in Sierra Leone aimed at stemming the worst Ebola epidemic on record has identified dozens of new infections, but has not reached everyone in the country and is likely to be extended, a senior official said on Sunday. | Video


Bill Clinton says must 'do whatever it takes' to fight Ebola 20 Sep 2014

WASHINGTON/NEW YORK - New initiatives from the United States, Britain, France and other countries to help fight the Ebola epidemic that has been spreading exponentially in West Africa marked a "good beginning," former President Bill Clinton said on Saturday, but said the world will need to do more.


New Ebola clinics useless without more trained staff 20 Sep 2014

WASHINGTON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A shortage of volunteers to staff the new Ebola clinics and hospitals the international community is building in West Africa threatens efforts to bring the deadly virus rapidly under control, aid agencies have warned.

Hundreds of babies possibly exposed to TB at Texas Hospital 20 Sep 2014

- More than 700 newborns and 40 employees of a Texas hospital may have been exposed to a worker who had an active case of the sometimes-deadly tuberculosis, health officials said on Friday.


Allowing blood donations from gay men could help save over a million lives: U.S. study 19 Sep 2014

SAN FRANCISCO - Lifting a ban on blood donations from gay men would increase the amount of available blood by hundreds of thousands of pints (liters) each year and save more than a million lives a year, a California study showed on Friday.

Regeneron says allergy drug may be darling of its pipeline 19 Sep 2014

- Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc has quickly become one of the world's biggest biotech companies thanks to its Eylea treatment for macular degeneration, but its little known experimental allergy drug could become equally successful, senior company executives said in interviews.

Start early for a lifetime of good vision and healthy eyes 19 Sep 2014

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - If your mother told you to eat your carrots so you’d be able to see in the dark, she was right. It turns out that feeding kids carrots is just one of a number of things parents can do to promote a lifetime of healthy eyes and good vision.

Kidney patients know little about transplant benefits 19 Sep 2014

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - In a new study, the vast majority of kidney failure patients told researchers they saw no need for a kidney transplant because they were doing fine on dialysis – but the researchers say these patients might not realize how much a transplant could help them.


Killings in Guinea show mistrust in Africa Ebola fight: WHO 19 Sep 2014

GENEVA - The killing in Guinea of eight people trying to educate locals about Ebola showed how much rural populations in West Africa mistrust authorities after years of instability and conflict, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday.


U.S. nutrition program for mothers, infants sees falling demand 19 Sep 2014

WASHINGTON - A government nutrition program for pregnant mothers and small children has not kept pace with technology and U.S. poverty experts say its paper voucher system is driving low-income women away from the program when they need it most.