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Pope says religious leaders must unite to defeat "barbarity"

CAIRO Leaders of all faiths should unite in renouncing religious extremism and counter the "barbarity of those who foment hatred and violence," Pope Francis said on Friday at the start of a two-day visit to Cairo.

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Not sure what to wear? Amazon's algorithms may help 26 Apr 2017

Amazon.com Inc wants to help you choose what to wear.


Sao Paulo mayor declares war on wall writers 26 Apr 2017

SAO PAULO It took Brazilian artist Iaco one minute to whip out a can of spray paint and write "doria" seven times across a gray wall in Sao Paulo.

Slimy salamander 'Snot Otter' aims to wow Bronx Zoo crowds 26 Apr 2017

NEW YORK The Eastern Hellbender, a slimy giant salamander creepy enough to be nicknamed "Snot Otter" and "Old Lasagna Sides," is making its debut before animal lovers at the world-renowned Bronx Zoo.

Madrid show highlights Picasso's Guernica as abiding symbol of war 25 Apr 2017

MADRID Eighty years after the bloody air raid on the Spanish town of Guernica that drove Pablo Picasso to paint a masterpiece, a new exhibition in Madrid highlights the enduring relevance of his depiction.

Crabs invade Cuba's Bay of Pigs 26 Apr 2017

BAY OF PIGS, Cuba Cuba's Bay of Pigs has been invaded again, this time not by U.S.-backed anti-Castro forces, but by millions of red, yellow and black landcrabs. | Video

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