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Pirouettes and plenty of pink at Gaza's only ballet school

GAZA The group of girls, ponytailed and dressed in pink, stretched their arms out to the sides and pivoted onto their toes, trying desperately to hold still. Eagle-eyed, the instructor surveyed Gaza's latest crop of would-be ballerinas.

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With 'Star Wars' movie due to land, old toys go galactic 1:09am GMT

THORNABY, England Vintage toys linked to the "Star Wars" film franchise are moving faster than a swirling lightsaber, sending prices of many of them soaring into hyperspace. | Video

Modern Etiquette: Why not something personal for the holidays? 30 Nov 2015

As I write this, I look up at a foot-high stack of holiday catalogs – clothing, travel gear, hiking gear, home accessories, pet accessories, art acquisition, cosmetics, natural foods, wine... They make me sad for all those trees.

Mexican Beatles fans attempt costume record 30 Nov 2015

MEXICO CITY – Music fans in Mexico sought to break the world record for gathering together the largest number of people dressed as members of iconic band The Beatles. Dressed in costumes reflecting the group's various styles over the decades, 294 people gathered in Mexico City's Chapultepec Park. | Video

Better in or out? England's former fishing hub faces EU dilemma 29 Nov 2015

GRIMSBY, England The European Union is not an abstract concept in Grimsby, an English port where many blame EU fishing quotas for destroying livelihoods, but views on whether Britain should quit the club are more nuanced than the decaying fish docks suggest.

Art meets nature in Brazilian open-air museum 30 Nov 2015

BRUMADINHO, MINAS GERAIS, Brazil - Paintings, sculptures and art installations spread throughout a 250-acre garden in Brazil's southeast make up the lush landscape of Inhotim, one of the largest open-air museums in the world. | Video

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