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Chile's Bachelet takes on conservatives with plan to ease abortion ban

SANTIAGO - Chile's president, Michelle Bachelet, unveiled plans on Saturday to ease a complete ban on abortions in the socially conservative South American country.

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Britain marks 50 years since wartime leader Churchill's funeral 31 Jan 2015

LONDON - Britain marked 50 years on Friday since the state funeral of wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill, with the boat which carried his coffin under the dipping dockside cranes in 1965 retracing its journey along London's River Thames. | Video

Trip Tips: On the trail of Solidarnosc in Gdansk 30 Jan 2015

GDANSK, Poland - Gdansk, the biggest city in northern Poland, seaside destination and party zone, was once a key center of opposition to Communist rule.

Winging it: Chicago man smashes Philadelphia eating record 30 Jan 2015

PHILADELPHIA - A professional competitive eater from Chicago downed 444 chicken wings in 30 minutes at the 23rd annual Wing Bowl in Philadelphia, narrowly edging out his nearest rival and shattering the record of 363 wings set a year earlier.

Balloonists surpass a record for time aloft in transpacific journey 31 Jan 2015

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - A pair of balloonists trying to fly to North America from Japan passed a major milestone on Friday that could soon be declared a world record for the length of time spent in the air by a gas-filled balloon, a spokeswoman said.

'Puppy Bowl' highlights cuteness, adoptions at Super Bowl 29 Jan 2015

PHOENIX - As dozens of fans cheered, the players tussled over the ball as they neared the end-zone then began rolling around and biting each other on the neck, the chance of a touchdown forgotten.

Wing-eating warriors null

A record 444 chicken wings are gobbled up by the champion of this year's Wing Bowl in Philadelphia.

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