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Captain James Cook waistcoat fails to sell at Sydney auction

SYDNEY A waistcoat owned by British explorer Captain James Cook, who claimed Australia for Britain in 1770, has failed to sell at auction, with bids far below its anticipated million dollar price tag, the auction house said on Monday.

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Town of Reduction, population 60, up for sale in Pennsylvania 24 Mar 2017

HARRISBURG, Pa. Got $1.5 million to spare? If so, tiny Reduction, a one-time company town built to house workers at a long-vanished garbage-processing plant in western Pennsylvania, could be yours for the asking.

Australian water advocate kicks off 1,000-mile run in Las Vegas 23 Mar 2017

Last time she ran 40 marathons in a row, Mina Guli wore out eight pairs of shoes. Now she is trying it a second time.

Egypt camel racers hope desert sport will spread to fresh pastures 22 Mar 2017

ISMAILIA, Egypt On a desert track in eastern Egypt camels race across the sand, urged on by their young jockeys and a convoy of cars speeding alongside them.

First U.S. bumble bee added to endangered species list 21 Mar 2017

The rusty patched bumble bee became the first wild bee in the continental United States to gain federal protection on Tuesday when it was added to the government's list of endangered and threatened species.

Swiss cannabis entrepreneurs develop craving for low-potency pot 22 Mar 2017

KOELLIKON, Switzerland Entrepreneurs have high hopes for cannabis in Switzerland, where business has suddenly taken off in recent months, six years after the country legalized low-potency "marijuana-light". | Video

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