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In New Orleans, training a lost generation while feeding the next

NEW ORLEANS - At age 17, Akira Holmes dropped out of high school and had a baby. Last week, the 18-year-old stood in a crisp white chef's jacket at a cafe in New Orleans, on the cusp of completing a training program she expects will transform her life.

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A business person's guide to Munich: Beer included 03 Mar 2015

NEW YORK - Jim Koch considers Munich a beer-lover's paradise. The founder and chairman of Boston Beer Co, which brews Samuel Adams beer, heads to the region north of the city every year to select hops.

Smithsonian okays selfies, bans them on a stick 03 Mar 2015

WASHINGTON - Millions of museum visitors in the U.S. capital will no longer be able to take pictures of themselves in front of a T-rex dinosaur using a camera mounted on a rod.

Film on 2012 Delhi gang rape stokes debate on Indian male mindset 03 Mar 2015

NEW DELHI - A new documentary based on the fatal gang rape of a woman in New Delhi in 2012 highlights gender inequality and sex crimes in India, with the seeming lack of remorse among those convicted of the crime shocking even the film's director.

Catholics and Jews pan film defending wartime Pope Pius XII 03 Mar 2015

VATICAN CITY - A new Italian film that attempts to defend wartime Pope Pius XII against accusations he turned a blind eye to the Holocaust has been panned by the Vatican as well as Catholic and Jewish media.

German pensioner needs drill to dig for Nazi-looted Amber Room 03 Mar 2015

BERLIN - A pensioner has started digging in Germany's western Ruhr region for the Amber Room, a priceless work of art looted by Nazis from the Soviet Union during World War Two and missing for 70 years, but says he needs a new drill to help him.

Celebrating Holi null

Holi, also known as the Festival of Colors, heralds the beginning of spring.

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