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Michelin-starred Per Se settles NY charges it withheld tips

NEW YORK - Per Se, the three Michelin-starred Manhattan restaurant run by Thomas Keller, will pay $500,000 to settle charges it withheld tips from workers who staffed private dining events, even as it portrayed those tips to customers as gratuities.

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Rufus the hawk rules the Wimbledon skies 1:07pm BST

LONDON - Male tennis players from the United States are almost as rare as hen's teeth at Wimbledon this year, but a hawk native to North and South America definitely rules the roost when it comes to clearing the championship courts of pigeons.

Turkish rose farmers struggle to keep tradition alive 12:26pm BST

ISPARTA, Turkey - Many of the workers in the bright-pink fields in this southwest Turkish province have an unexpected connection with the flowers they are tending. They are Syrian refugees working as itinerant laborers during Turkey's harvest of its prized Damascus rose.

Barcelona halts new tourist accommodation licenses 12:20pm BST

MADRID - Barcelona's new leftist mayor has temporarily suspended the granting of new tourist accommodation licenses, including for hotels, to avoid saturation in one of Europe's most popular cities, the town hall said on Thursday.

'Hunger Games' exhibition takes fans into the film franchise 01 Jul 2015

NEW YORK - For actors Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Willow Shields, the stars of the blockbuster film franchise "The Hunger Games," exploring a new exhibition about the world depicted in the movies was like taking a trip down memory lane. | Video

Mormon leaders reaffirm faith's exclusive commitment to heterosexual marriage 01 Jul 2015

- Mormon leaders are reaffirming their faith's belief that only heterosexual marriage is ordained by God, in a letter to be read to congregations this holiday weekend following the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling that legalized gay nuptials.

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