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Church should not fear change, pope says at synod close

VATICAN CITY - Pope Francis has closed an assembly of Catholic bishops that revealed deep divisions on how to respond to homosexuality and divorce, saying on Sunday the Church should not be afraid of change and new challenges. | Video

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Humans should thank ancient Scottish fish fossils for joy of sex 19 Oct 2014

LONDON - Scientists studying fossils have discovered that the intimate act of sexual intercourse used by humans was pioneered by ancient armored fishes, called placoderms, about 385 million years ago in Scotland.

What opportunity? Nordic equality fails to infiltrate corporate club 19 Oct 2014

STOCKHOLM/OSLO/COPENHAGEN - When it comes to equality at home and in the political arena, Nordic countries have long outperformed the rest of the world. But a look at their blue-chip companies reveals a gaping hole in the picture.

'Water cops' seek sprinkler scofflaws in drought-parched California 19 Oct 2014

SACRAMENTO Calif. - It was still dark on Kokomo Drive in Sacramento's Natomas district as Paul Brown edged his city-issued Honda Civic past a row of beige stucco houses with tiny front lawns, looking for water wasters.

Vandals bring down sex toy shaped sculpture in Paris 18 Oct 2014

PARIS - Vandals attacked a giant green inflatable sculpture in one of the most famous squares in Paris in the early hours of Saturday after its resemblance to a sex toy sparked an outcry.

More young mourners showing love, remembrance with 'RIP' shirts 18 Oct 2014

CHICAGO - At the crowded funeral of 13-year-old Demureye' Macon, who was shot on a Chicago street, older mourners wore sober suits and dresses in beige and black.

Oldest marionette theater may close 3:37am BST

The oldest continually running marionette theater in the U.S. faces closure with the landmark being turned into an apartment complex.

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