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Tomatoes come to town: Bunol prepares for LaTomatina

LLOSA, Aug 30 The ripe, round, red fruit tumbles out of crates and is piled high on trucks, while people cover balconies in plastic sheets and board up houses and shopfronts. Preparations for the annual 'La Tomatina' festival have begun. | Video

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French 'Spiderman' climbs a skyscraper harness-free 6:25pm BST

Dubbed the "French Spiderman", Alain Robert performed a treacherous climb wearing no harness up the Tour T1 building in the Paris region's La Defense business district on Wednesday (August 31). | Video

U.N. rights office urges French towns to repeal burkini bans 30 Aug 2016

GENEVA The United Nations human rights office has called on French beach resorts to lift their bans on the burkini, calling them a "stupid reaction" that did not improve security but fueled religious intolerance.

Turkey's post-coup purges shake higher education 30 Aug 2016

ISTANBUL With the summer holiday almost over, computer science student Hande Tekiner should be gearing up for a year of cram sessions and late-night homework. Instead, she may have nowhere to return to, as her university was shut after Turkey's failed coup.

In India, a beauty pageant for the visually impaired 1:51pm BST

A beauty pageant was organised for visually-impaired girls in India's eastern Orissa state on Tuesday (August 30). | Video

Taiwan artist draws pleasure from miniature pencil carvings 30 Aug 2016

TAIPEI Taiwan artist Lee Chien-chu stands in front of Xilou Bridge proudly holding up a miniature carving of the landmark, the latest offering in his pencil sculpture series. | Video


Protect your brain against Alzheimer’s disease

Once stigmatized, Alzheimer’s has moved into the mainstream. Over 5 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease and almost everyone knows someone affected. But experts say that prevention is possible, and that there are things we can do now to reduce our risk of developing the disease later.

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