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Two ancient Mayan cities found in Mexican jungle

MEXICO CITY - Archaeologists have found two ancient Mayan cities hidden in the jungle of southeastern Mexico, and the lead researcher says he believes there are "dozens" more to be found in the region.

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Barcelona residents fight back against drunken, naked tourists 22 Aug 2014

BARCELONA Spain - A record tourism year may be a boost for Spain's struggling economy, but in one corner of Barcelona residents are furious about drunken holidaymakers and a new fad for carousing naked in public.

Trip Tips: See and live history in Lebanon 22 Aug 2014

BEIRUT - Some travelers want to see history, others want to live it. In Lebanon, a slice of land between the Mediterranean and war-ravaged Syria, you can do a lot of both.

Abandoned Florida panther kitten gets new home in state park 22 Aug 2014

ORLANDO Fla. - A rare Florida panther, found near death as a 1-pound newborn in January, bounded into its permanent new fenced home in a state park on Thursday, now a lively, nearly 50-pound kitten.

India's wettest state to go dry - in 10 years 22 Aug 2014

BANGALORE - India's wettest state is planning to dry out, drop by drop.

Dokufest - a documentary film festival putting Kosovo on cultural map 21 Aug 2014

PRIZREN Kosovo - Under a starry sky, young Kosovars take their seats alongside tourists on a platform rising from the shallow Bistrica River that cuts through Prizren, bats darting overhead in the moonlight.

Homemade Lamborghini 2:15am BST

Two Chinese car enthusiasts spend ten years and $800,000 building a replica Lamborghini Diablo.

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