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Prince William warns paparazzi against 'harassing' George

LONDON - Britain's Prince William has warned two photographers against trailing his baby son George during walks in London parks with his nanny, saying their behavior amounted to "harassment".

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UK council removes 'racist' Banksy immigration mural 1:11pm BST

LONDON - A local council has removed a mural by British artist Banksy following a complaint it was racist, a week before voters in the area decide whether to elect Britain's first lawmaker from a party opposing mass immigration.

Row over East German crimes erupts 25 years after fall of Wall 3:23pm BST

BERLIN - A highly-charged debate on whether communist East Germany can be described as an "unjust state" is threatening talks on forming a government in an eastern region of Germany, highlighting lingering divisions 25 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Rising rural wages in Asia will reduce extreme poverty: report 12:04am BST

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The rise in rural wages now taking place across Asia could lift hundreds of millions of people out of extreme poverty in the next decade, a new report showed on Thursday.

Exclusive: For most Americans, spanking is OK, implements are not - Reuters/Ipsos poll 01 Oct 2014

- Nearly seven in 10 Americans believe spanking a child is acceptable at home and a majority say corporal punishment is tolerable provided it does not involve implements such as the one a National Football League star used on his son, a Reuters/Ipsos poll found.

Bosnia's 'Bullfight Queen' brings a woman's touch to centuries-old spectacle 01 Oct 2014

VITEZ Bosnia - Renata Pranjkovic, known across Bosnia as the "Bullfight Queen", is one of the few women but best-known personalities in the world of the Balkan bullfight.

Earth from space 2:01pm BST

Stunning views from the International Space Station.

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