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UK parties head for leadership battles amid Brexit fallout


LONDON The Labour Party headed for a leadership battle, mirroring a fight for control of the ruling Conservative Party, after the decision by voters to leave the European Union last week led to upheaval in Westminster.

UK consumer confidence tumbles after Brexit vote - YouGov/CEBR 12:09am BST

LONDON Confidence among British consumers fell sharply in the days after the country decided to leave the European Union, according to a survey published on Thursday which gave a first glimpse of how the shock referendum result has affected households.

British bank branch closures cut small business lending in half 12:20am BST

LONDON British banks' closure of hundreds of branches in the last three years has more than halved lending to small businesses in the areas affected, research on Thursday showed, ahead of a debate in parliament about the impact of the cuts.

U.S.-led strikes pound Islamic State in Iraq, kill 250 fighters 1:22am BST

WASHINGTON U.S.-led coalition aircraft waged a series of deadly strikes against Islamic State around the city of Falluja on Wednesday, U.S. officials told Reuters, with one citing a preliminary estimate of at least 250 suspected fighters killed and at least 40 vehicles destroyed.

Sturgeon's plea to stay in Europe rebuffed in Brussels 29 Jun 2016

BRUSSELS Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon got a "sympathetic" hearing in Brussels on Wednesday as she pleaded her case for Scots to stay in the EU, showing how Britain's vote to leave the bloc could splinter the United Kingdom. | Video

EU tells UK single market access requires full free movement 1:44am BST

LONDON/BRUSSELS European Union leaders met for the first time without Britain on Wednesday less than a week after it voted to leave, delivering a tough message that London can access the bloc's lucrative single market only if it agrees to allow free movement for EU workers.

Briton indicted on weapons charges over Trump rally incident 12:52am BST

A federal grand jury on Wednesday indicted a British man on weapons charges, alleging he tried to steal a gun from a policeman during a Las Vegas rally for Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

Obama concerned over longer term global growth after Brexit 2:01am BST

OTTAWA U.S. President Barack Obama said on Wednesday he expects the world economy will be steady in the short run after Britain's decision to leave the European Union but expressed concern about longer term global growth. | Video

Western Sydney takes centre stage in close-run Australian election 12:06am BST

SYDNEY Twenty-two-year-old forklift driver Mitchell Beckwith is living the dream. Or he's living Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's dream anyway.

EgyptAir black box data downloaded; evidence suggests fire on board 12:16am BST

CAIRO Investigators have downloaded data from one of the black box flight recorders on EgyptAir Flight MS804 and are preparing to analyse it, bringing them closer discovering what caused the jet to crash, Egypt's investigation committee said on Wednesday.