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Space oddity as Dr David Bowie treats 'starman' Buzz Aldrin in NZ hospital

WELLINGTON In what can only be described as a space oddity, former astronaut Buzz Aldrin is being cared for in a New Zealand hospital by Dr David Bowie after being evacuated from the South Pole.

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New York thief grabs pot of gold off armored truck: police

NEW YORK New York police are searching for a green-clad man who swiped an 86-pound (39 kg) pail of gold flakes off an armored truck two months ago and disappeared with the estimated $1.6 million in treasure. | Video

30 Nov 2016

Hit that iceberg: China group readies Titanic simulation

DAYING COUNTY, China You too may soon be able to feel what it was like to hit an iceberg on the Titanic. | Video

Entertainment, Life 30 Nov 2016

Sutter Home sues Shmaltz Brewing over 'Menage a Trois' trademark

Shmaltz Brewing Co says some of its beer names, including several with Jewish themes, "can be a bit unorthodox." Now a large California winery wants one of those names to be reformed.

29 Nov 2016

New British bank notes fall foul of vegetarians

LONDON Britain's new plastic five-pound notes, bearing the portrait of wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill, have fallen foul of thousands of people who object to the use of animal fats in their manufacture.

Life 29 Nov 2016

Thriving on raw eggs, world's oldest person marks 117th birthday in Italy

VERBANIA, Italy Emma Morano, thought to be the world's oldest person and the last to be born in the 1800s, celebrated her 117th birthday on Tuesday, still swearing by her diet of two raw eggs a day. | Video

Life 29 Nov 2016