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Filipinos nailed to cross in Easter ritual frowned on by church

CUTUD, Philippines - Nearly 20 Filipinos and a Danish filmmaker were nailed to crosses to re-enact the crucifixion of Christ on Good Friday, a practice the Roman Catholic Church frowns upon as a distortion of the Easter message.

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A gay artist will get his images on stamps in Finland 16 Apr 2014

HELSINKI - Finland's postal service will honour "Tom of Finland" with stamps taken from his work - homoerotic drawings of muscular men wearing tight, black leather uniforms, when they wear anything at all.

Clever chimps at Kansas City Zoo make brief break to freedom 11 Apr 2014

KANSAS CITY - Seven chimpanzees used an improvised ladder from a tree to scale a wall and briefly escape their enclosure at the Kansas City Zoo on Thursday, a zoo official said.


California town moves against Sriracha hot sauce plant 11 Apr 2014

LOS ANGELES - The small Southern California town of Irwindale has opened a new front in its battle against what it says is a pungent, tear-inducing odor from a chilli processing factory owned by the makers of Sriracha-brand hot pepper sauce.

Tiny Minnesota museum's canoe a 1,000-year-old historic find 11 Apr 2014

- For 46 years, a canoe thought to date to the 1700s sat in the back of a display case as a minor exhibit at a small museum run by a volunteer historical group in Minnesota.

Ohio man who harassed disabled kids to tote 'BULLY!' sign - judge 11 Apr 2014

CLEVELAND - An Ohio man who called his neighbour "Monkey Mama" as she held her adopted, disabled African-American children, and has smeared dog faeces on their wheelchair ramp, was ordered by a judge to carry an "I AM A BULLY!" sign on a busy street this weekend.