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Our top photos from the last 24 hours.

Best of the Australian Open

The winners and losers at the first Grand Slam tennis tournament of the year.

People's Choice red carpet

Celebrities arrive for the People's Choice Awards in Los Angeles.

Inmates butchered during Brazil prison riot

Twenty-seven inmates were killed after a Brazilian prison riot broke out, adding to chaos in a penitentiary system in which some 140 inmates have died in gang warfare since the start of the year.

Clashes as Israel razes Bedouin village

An operation to demolish Bedouin dwellings deemed built illegally on state-owned land sparks violence.

Obama's major moments

Historic moments in Barack Obama's presidency.

Obama's friends and foes

The friends and foes of Barack Obama around the world during his time as president of the United States.

2016: Hottest year on record

World temperatures hit a record high for the third year in a row in 2016, lifted both by man-made greenhouse gases and a natural El Nino event that released heat from the Pacific Ocean last year, beating the previous record in 2015, when 200 nations agreed to a plan to limit global warming.

Iraqi forces push deeper into Mosul

Iraqi special forces say they have ousted Islamic State insurgents from almost all of Mosul's eastern half.

Back to school at former Islamic State prison

Sifting through ripped up textbooks and writing on broken whiteboards, Syrian children returned to a dilapidated small-town school that was used by Islamic State militants as a prison for more than two years.