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Our top photos from the last 24 hours.

The art of flowers

Flowers and arrangements are on display at the Chelsea Flower Show in London.

Buckingham Palace garden party

Britain's royal family host a party on the grounds of their London residence.

Deadly start to Everest campaign

Three people have died on the world's tallest mountain in as many days since climbing resumed after last year's avalanche tragedy at Base Camp.

Bill Cosby in court

The comedian returns to a Pennsylvania courthouse for a sexual assault case, the only allegation that has led to criminal charges.

Women of the Israeli army

The role women play in the Israeli Defense Force.

War in a child's hands

Children play with the instruments of war.

The end of Idomeni

As Greece begins to relocate migrants from Idomeni, a look back at the four seasons in the camp on the Macedonia border.

The battle for Falluja

Iraqi government forces fight Islamic State militants near Falluja as they try to retake the longtime jihadist stronghold.

Clearing a migrant camp

Greek police move some of the 8,000 migrants and refugees stranded in a makeshift camp on the sealed northern border with Macedonia to state-run facilities further south.


Toddler tied to rock while parents work

A toddler is tied to a rock in the searing heat, while her parents work at a construction site for $3.80 each a day in India.  Full Coverage 

REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic

Nairobi's condemned homes

Kenya's authorities tore down a badly built residential block in a poor Nairobi district, one of more than 250 shoddy buildings that could now face demolition.


Spotlight on China's Cultural Revolution

The 50th anniversary of the start of the political movement, with no official commemorations planned. Official records whitewash the details of both periods, but admit that Mao made major mistakes.  Full Coverage 

REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic

On patrol with the Sinjar Resistance Units

They share little more than an enemy and struggle to communicate on the battlefield, but together two relatively obscure groups have opened up a new front against Islamic State militants in a remote corner of Iraq.  Full Coverage 


Working, eating and sleeping at the office

Office workers sleeping on the job has long been a common sight in China.But China's technology sector is different. Business is booming faster than many start-up firms can hire new staff, forcing workers to burn the midnight oil to meet deadlines.  Full Coverage