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Our top photos from the last 24 hours.

Air strikes in Syria

The United States and several Arab allies launch strikes on IS targets in Syria.

Hong Kong students demand democracy

University students in Hong Kong demand greater democracy as they launch a week-long boycott of classes.

Fleeing the Islamic State

Refugees flood into Turkey as the Islamic State closes in on a Syrian town.

Prisoner-of-war swap in Ukraine

Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian separatists exchange POWs as part of the terms of the current ceasefire.

Israel's controversial migrant center

Israel's high court outlaws the Holot detention center where African migrants are held without trial.

Cancer quinceanera

Girls with cancer celebrate their 15th birthdays with a coming-of-age party in Nicaragua.

Milan Fashion Week

Highlights from Milan Fashion Week.

Signs of climate change

Marches mark the international day of action on climate change in New York.

Behind the scenes at Gleneagles

The Ryder Cup will be played in Scotland for only the second time when the Gleneagles resort marks its 90th anniversary.

Global climate marches

Marches mark the international day of action on climate change.