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Hong Kong demands democracy
Mon, Sep 29 2014

Students clash with police in Hong Kong.

Deadly volcano in Japan
Mon, Sep 29 2014

A deadly eruption catches hundreds of hikers unaware in clouds of rock and ash.

Europe wins Ryder Cup
Mon, Sep 29 2014

Europe maintain their Ryder Cup stranglehold over the US.

Aerial acrobatics
Sat, Sep 27 2014

How to impress the crowd at an air show.

In the Ebola hot zone
Sat, Sep 27 2014

In and around the Ebola quarantine zones.

Land of the Turkana
Fri, Sep 26 2014

The Turkana are nomadic herders in the Ilemi Triangle, a disputed region in East Africa.

Raqqa: The Islamic State capital
Fri, Sep 26 2014

Deep in Syria is the city of Raqqa, considered the de facto capital of Islamic State.

Paris Fashion Week
Fri, Sep 26 2014

Highlights from Paris Fashion Week.

That's the way to do it!
Fri, Sep 26 2014

Punch and Judy shows have been a fixture of British seaside resorts for centuries but they are having to adapt to changing social values to attract new audiences.

Fleeing the Islamic State
Fri, Sep 26 2014

Refugees from Syria flood into Turkey and Lebanon.


Abandoned on the border

30 Sep 2014

In a remote and deserted lanscape, a single cradle, left behind by Syrian Kurdish refugees, lies at the Turkish-Syrian border. Over 150,000 Syrian Kurds have fled to Turkey since the frontier opened, to escape the advances of Islamic State militants.


An American rebel in Ukraine

29 Sep 2014

What distinguishes "Hunter" from his fellow pro-Russian insurgents in Ukraine is his American nationality.

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