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Brazil's drought from above
Wed, Nov 19 2014

Aerial views of the devastation from Brazil's worst drought in 80 years.

Rally for education
Wed, Nov 19 2014

Students in London protest against a rise in higher education fees.

Hong Kong barricades come down
Wed, Nov 19 2014

Hong Kong clears part of an Occupy protest camp, sparking more clashes.

Jerusalem synagogue attack
Wed, Nov 19 2014

Two Palestinians armed with a meat cleaver and a gun attack a Jerusalem synagogue.

The outskirts of Islamabad
Tue, Nov 18 2014

Living life on the outskirts of Islamabad.

Bird flu hits Europe
Tue, Nov 18 2014

H5N8 has been detected in England, Germany and the Netherlands.

Brotherhood behind bars
Tue, Nov 18 2014

Leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood during their trial on charges of spying and terrorism in Cairo.

Funeral for Jerusalem rabbis
Tue, Nov 18 2014

Three rabbis killed in the Jerusalem synagogue attack are laid to rest.

Earth from above
Mon, Nov 17 2014

A bird's eye view of remarkable places on our planet.

Clashes in West Bank
Mon, Nov 17 2014

Recent clashes between Israeli police and Palestinians have raised fears of a new uprising.


Wigs for smiles

17 Nov 2014

Marcelo Avatte, a renowned Italian-Chilean hair stylist, could have never imagined that his own son would motivate him to start making and donating natural hair wigs for children who suffer from cancer.


The wall that is always with me

10 Nov 2014

I never imagined that one day the wall could really fall, the border would really be opened

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