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The Jolie-Pitt family album
Thu, Aug 28 2014

Growing up with Brad and Angelina.

Brangelina get married
Thu, Aug 28 2014

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were married Saturday in France, a spokesman for the couple says.

Inside Scotland's Parliament
Thu, Aug 28 2014

Behind the scenes of Scotland's Parliament in Edinburgh on the day of the last session before the independence referendum.

Deadly spiral of Honduras
Thu, Aug 28 2014

Honduras has drug gangs, corruption and the world's highest murder rate, while neighboring Nicaragua has fended off these problems.

Hurricane surf
Thu, Aug 28 2014

Heavy and potentially dangerous surf from Hurricane Marie drew crowds of surfers and spectators to the California coast.

Militants seize Golan Heights crossing
Wed, Aug 27 2014

Al Qaeda's Syria wing Nusra Front capture a border crossing from Syrian forces across the border from Israel.

Oil spill in Mexico
Wed, Aug 27 2014

The San Juan river will take months to clean up after a Pemex pipeline ruptured when thieves attempted to tap into it.

Gaza celebrates ceasefire
Wed, Aug 27 2014

Israel and Hamas agree to a ceasefire.

Being Michael Jackson
Wed, Aug 27 2014

A Chinese street performer puts on his best impression of the King of Pop.

The Ukraine front
Tue, Aug 26 2014

Ukraine continues its offensive against pro-Russian separatists.


Circus animals of Mexico City

29 Aug 2014

This year, Mexico City’s government passed a law, which comes into force in the middle of next year, imposing heavy fines on circuses if they use animals in their performances.


Seven siblings in China

28 Aug 2014

Yang and his wife Le Huimin have had six children together over the past ten years, in addition to a daughter of Le’s from a previous marriage. China has eased its famous one-child policy, making it easier for many couples to have two children. However, having as many children as Yang and Le definitely breaks the country’s family planning policy.

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