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Solar eclipse to be streamed live for first time, from balloons


CHARLESTON, S.C. Next week's solar eclipse will be streamed live online for the first time, from the vantage point of helium-filled balloons across the United States, providing the public with sky-high views as the moon blocks the sun. | Video


Citizen scientists will take to the field for U.S. eclipse 17 Aug 2017

When the moon passes directly in front of the sun on Aug. 21, casting a deep shadow across the United States, thousands of citizen scientists will be watching the eclipse while monitoring temperature changes, animal behavior and radio signals bouncing around the atmosphere.


Tougher than steel: Japan looks to wood pulp to make lighter auto parts 14 Aug 2017

KYOTO, Japan The global push among carmakers to make ever lighter vehicles is leading some auto suppliers in Japan to turn to what seems like an unlikely substitute for steel - wood.


Infant ape fossil skull illuminates humankind's remote past 10 Aug 2017

WASHINGTON The lemon-sized fossil skull of an infant ape nicknamed Alesi that inhabited a Kenyan forest about 13 million years ago is offering a peek at what the long-ago common ancestor of people and all modern apes may have looked like.

Japan GPS satellite launch postponed due to glitch 12 Aug 2017

TOKYO Japan on Saturday postponed the planned launch of an H-2A rocket tasked to put a geo-positioning satellite into orbit due to possible helium gas leakage, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd (MHI) said.

Scientists create safer pig organs with goal of transplants for humans 11 Aug 2017

Scientists at a Massachusetts company seeking to make pig organs safe enough to be transplanted into humans have used gene-editing technology to clone piglets that lack a potentially dangerous retrovirus, according to a study released on Thursday.


Chinese quantum satellite sends 'unbreakable' code 11 Aug 2017

BEIJING China has sent an "unbreakable" code from a satellite to the Earth, marking the first time space-to-ground quantum key distribution technology has been realized, state media said on Thursday.


It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a prehistoric gliding mammal 09 Aug 2017

WASHINGTON In dense Chinese forests populated by dinosaurs 160 million years ago, two furry critters resembling flying squirrels glided from tree to tree, showing that even in such a perilous neighborhood early mammals had succeeded in going airborne.


Engraved prehistoric human bones show ritualistic cannibalism 09 Aug 2017

LONDON Engravings on a human bone from a prehistoric archaeological site in a cave in southern England shows that human cannibals ate their prey and then performed ritualistic burials with the remains, scientists said on Wednesday.


Crocodile rock: ancient beast named after Motörhead band's Lemmy 09 Aug 2017

WASHINGTON A ferocious sea-going crocodile that menaced coastal waters about 164 million years ago during the Jurassic Period has been given a name honoring the similarly ferocious heavy-metal rocker Lemmy, the late front man for the British band Motörhead.


Insys agrees to pay $4.45 million to resolve Illinois opioid lawsuit

BOSTON Insys Therapeutics Inc has agreed to pay $4.45 million to resolve a lawsuit by Illinois' attorney general claiming it deceptively marketed an addictive fentanyl-based cancer pain drug for off-label uses.