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'Dinosaur disco' footprints reveal lifestyle of Jurassic giants


WASHINGTON On a platform of rock jutting into the Atlantic on Scotland's Isle of Skye, hundreds of newly discovered dinosaur tracks are changing the way scientists view the lifestyle of some of the largest creatures ever to walk the Earth.


European satellite to test method to find ripples in space, time 2:39pm GMT

An experimental satellite slated for launch on Wednesday will test a technique to detect ripples in space and across time, adding a new perspective for viewing and understanding the universe.

New from the biotech store: an improved gene editing tool 2:45pm GMT

Scientists have developed an improved gene editing tool that significantly reduces potentially dangerous "off-target" edits, promising an even more precise and efficient system for manipulating human DNA.


China plans to launch carbon-tracking satellites into space 30 Nov 2015

BEIJING China plans to launch satellites to monitor its greenhouse gas emissions as the country, estimated to be the world's top carbon emitter, steps up its efforts to cut such emissions, official news agency Xinhua said on Monday.

Diagnosing malaria with a cell phone 9:30pm GMT

COLLEGE STATION, TX New technology that transforms a cell phone into a mobile polarized microscope can diagnose malaria in a Rwandan village with the same level of accuracy as a hi-tech lab in a major Western city, according to Texas A&M University biomedical engineers developing the device. | Video

Satellite launch to test Einstein's idea on space and time delayed 5:47pm GMT

BERLIN A European satellite launch to find ripples in space that can be caused by merging black holes has been delayed due to a technical problem with its Vega rocket, the European Space Agency (ESA) said on Tuesday.

Hypersonic rocket engine could revolutionize space flight 30 Nov 2015

Oxfordshire-based Reaction Engines are developing a new aerospace engine class that combines both jet and rocket technologies. They call it the greatest advance in propulsion since the jet engine; potentially revolutionizing hypersonic flight and dramatically reducing the cost of space access. | Video

Japanese scientists create touchable holograms 30 Nov 2015

A group of Japanese scientists have created touchable holograms, three dimensional virtual objects that can be manipulated by human hand. | Video


Debris from U.S. rocket recovered off coast of southwest England 27 Nov 2015

LONDON Debris from a U.S. rocket, most likely the doomed SpaceX Falcon 9, has been recovered near the Isles of Scilly, off the coast of southwest England, the UK coastguard has said on Friday.


Amazon founder Bezos’ rocket company passes landing test 24 Nov 2015

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos said on Tuesday his space transportation company, Blue Origin, plans about two more years of test flights before it will offer rides to passengers.


Opposition mounts to genetic modification of human embryos

CHICAGO A group of U.S. scientists and activists on Monday called for a global ban on the use of new tools to edit the genes of human embryos, in a report issued a day before a major international meeting in Washington to discuss the ethical and policy issues surrounding the technology.