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Scientists discover black hole so big it contradicts growth theory


SYDNEY - Scientists say they have discovered a black hole so big that it challenges the theory about how they grow.

Playing physics: Student builds Lego Large Hadron Collider 26 Feb 2015

LONDON - A particle physics student has used his downtime to build a Lego model of the world's most powerful particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), and is now lobbying the toy company to take it to market.

U.S. rocket launch pad repair set to halt in funding spat 26 Feb 2015

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla - Work to repair a Virginia-owned launch pad damaged by an Orbital ATK rocket explosion is about to halt amid a debate about who should pick up the bill, according to officials in the dispute.

Stone Age Britons imported wheat in shock sign of sophistication 26 Feb 2015

OSLO - Stone Age Britons imported wheat about 8,000 years ago in a surprising sign of sophistication for primitive hunter-gatherers long viewed as isolated from European agriculture, a study showed on Thursday.

Australian researchers unveil world's first 3D printed jet engine 26 Feb 2015

SYDNEY - Australian researchers unveiled the world's first 3D-printed jet engine on Thursday, a manufacturing breakthrough that could lead to cheaper, lighter and more fuel-efficient jets.


NASA investigating helmet water leak after spacewalk 25 Feb 2015

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - Two U.S. astronauts finished a 6-1/2-hour spacewalk on Wednesday to prepare parking spots for new commercial space taxis then discovered water had leaked into a spacesuit helmet, a problem that led to the near-drowning of another astronaut in 2013, officials said. | Video


Pink cloud from NASA rocket lights up sky over U.S. Southwest 25 Feb 2015

- An unusual pink cloud that lit up the sky over New Mexico and Arizona early on Wednesday was caused by a NASA research rocket launched to study the outer reaches of Earth's atmosphere, scientists said.


Study links common food additives to Crohn's disease, colitis 25 Feb 2015

WASHINGTON - Common additives in ice cream, margarine, packaged bread and many processed foods may promote the inflammatory bowel diseases ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease as well as a group of obesity-related conditions, scientists said on Wednesday.

Air Force seeks rethink of 2019 deadline for new U.S. rocket engine 25 Feb 2015

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Air Force on Wednesday said it will release plans within months for replacing the Russian-built RD-180 motors that now power some rockets used to launch military satellites into space, but said it would likely miss a 2019 congressional deadline to start using a new U.S. engine.

UK lawmakers demand new EU rules on genetically modified crops 26 Feb 2015

LONDON - EU rules that prevent genetically modified crops from being grown in the UK, even after they pass rigorous safety tests, are not fit for purpose and should be totally reformed, British lawmakers said on Thursday.


Legal marijuana begins in Washington, D.C. as 'green rush' is on

WASHINGTON - Possession of small amounts of marijuana became legal in the District of Columbia on Thursday, launching a pot "green rush" despite a face-off between local officials and the Republican-led U.S. Congress over the new standards. | Video