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Octopus mom protects her eggs for an astonishing 4-1/2 years


WASHINGTON - If someone were to create an award for "mother of the year" in the animal kingdom, a remarkably dedicated eight-limbed mom from the dark and frigid depths of the Pacific Ocean might be a strong contender.


Airbus, Safran name Alain Charmeau to run space joint venture 30 Jul 2014

PARIS - Airbus Group and Safran on Wednesday named Alain Charmeau as the head of a new venture designed to reorganize Europe's space launch activities.


NASA's Mars rover sets off-Earth, off-road distance record 29 Jul 2014

LOS ANGELES - NASA's decade-old Mars rover Opportunity has set a new off-Earth, off-road distance record, logging just over 25 miles (40 km) on the surface of the Red Planet to surpass the benchmark set in 1973 by a Russian probe on the moon.


Researchers practice living on Mars - without leaving Earth 28 Jul 2014

CAPE CANAVERAL Fla - For the past four months, a team of researchers have been living in a mockup Mars habitat on a Hawaiian volcano practicing isolated living on the Red Planet.

Rocket blasts off with U.S. ‘neighborhood watch’ spy satellites 29 Jul 2014

- An unmanned Delta 4 rocket blasted off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida on Monday with a pair of U.S. military satellites designed to keep watch on other countries’ spacecraft.


Evidence suggests babies in womb start learning earlier than thought: study 28 Jul 2014

ORLANDO Fla. - Babies in the womb show evidence of learning by their 34th week, three weeks earlier than previously thought, new research has found.


Bayer says Nexavar fails in breast cancer study 25 Jul 2014

FRANKFURT - German drugmaker Bayer said a Phase III trial of cancer drug Nexavar in patients with advanced breast cancer did not meet its primary endpoint of delaying the progression of the disease.

Scientists to excavate Wyoming cave with trove of Ice Age fossils 25 Jul 2014

- Scientists will begin excavation early next week of an ancient Wyoming sinkhole containing a rare bounty of fossil remains of prehistoric animals, such as mammoths and dire wolves, preserved in unusually good condition, researchers said on Thursday.

Keryx drug improves phosphorus, iron in kidney patients: trial 25 Jul 2014

- A pivotal trial of Keryx Biopharmaceuticals Inc's experimental drug Zerenex showed that it improved levels of serum phosphorus and iron in patients on kidney dialysis, according to results published on Thursday.

Paracetamol no better than placebo for low back pain, study finds 24 Jul 2014

LONDON - Paracetamol, a painkiller universally recommended to treat people with acute low back pain, does not speed recovery or reduce pain from the condition, according to the results of a large trial published on Thursday.


Liberia shuts schools, considers quarantine to curb Ebola

DAKAR - Liberia will close schools and consider quarantining some communities, it said on Wednesday, announcing the toughest measures yet imposed by a West African government to halt the worst Ebola outbreak on record.