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Easter Island's ancient inhabitants weren't so lonely after all


WASHINGTON - They lived on a remote dot of land in the middle of the Pacific, 2,300 miles (3,700 km) west of South America and 1,100 miles (1,770 km) from the closest island, erecting huge stone figures that still stare enigmatically from the hillsides.

SpaceX Dragon capsule leaves International Space Station 4:10pm BST

- A Space Exploration Technologies Dragon cargo ship ended a month-long stay at the International Space Station on Saturday and headed for a splash-down in the Pacific Ocean.


Old, cold and bold: Ice Age people dwelled high in Peru's Andes 23 Oct 2014

WASHINGTON - In a bleak, treeless landscape high in the southern Peruvian Andes, bands of intrepid Ice Age people hunkered down in rudimentary dwellings and withstood frigid weather, thin air and other hardships.


Fixing 'Ebolanomics' in pursuit of vaccines and drugs 23 Oct 2014

LONDON - As researchers from Africa to China to America race to develop vaccines and treatments to fight Ebola, health experts are grappling with the economics of a disease that until this year had been off the drug industry's radar.


French entrepreneurs launch test to detect pork in food 23 Oct 2014

ASNIERES France - Two French entrepreneurs have launched a portable device to test for the presence of pork in food for use by Muslims who abide by dietary laws.


The beast with the behemoth arms: A dinosaur mystery is solved 22 Oct 2014

WASHINGTON - In July 1965, two gigantic fossilized dinosaur arms replete with menacing claws were unearthed in the remote southern Gobi desert of Mongolia. Measuring 8 feet (2.4 meters), they were the longest arms of any known bipedal creature in Earth's history.


Cosmonauts breeze through spacewalk outside space station 22 Oct 2014

- Two Russian cosmonauts wrapped up a speedy, 3 -1/2-hour spacewalk outside the International Space Station on Wednesday to replace science experiments and jettison two unneeded antennas. | Video


Comet makes rare close pass by Mars as spacecraft watch 19 Oct 2014

NEW YORK - A comet from the outer reaches of the solar system on Sunday made a rare, close pass by Mars where a fleet of robotic science probes were poised for studies.

Greek archaeologists unearth head of sphinx in Macedonian tomb 21 Oct 2014

ATHENS - Archaeologists unearthed the missing head of one of the two sphinxes found guarding the entrance of an ancient tomb in Greece's northeast, as the diggers made their way into the monument's inner chambers, the culture ministry said on Tuesday.

23andMe, MyHeritage partner to combine DNA and family trees 21 Oct 2014

TEL AVIV - Personal genetics company 23andMe and Israel's MyHeritage said on Tuesday they would collaborate to enable people to discover their heritage based on genetic ancestry and documented family history.


U.S. nurse quarantined over Ebola criticizes her treatment

NEW YORK - Illinois joined New York and New Jersey in imposing mandatory quarantines for people arriving with a risk of having contracted Ebola in West Africa, but the first person isolated under the new rules, a nurse back from Sierra Leone, strongly criticized her treatment. | Video