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Boeing opens commercial spaceship plant in Florida


CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - Boeing Co took the wraps off an assembly plant on Friday for its first line of commercial spaceships, which NASA plans to use to fly crews to the International Space Station, officials said.


Three-man international crew safely reaches space station 6:04pm BST

ALMATY - A Russian Soyuz spaceship safely delivered a three-man international crew, including Denmark's first astronaut, to the International Space Station (ISS) on Friday, a day after having had to maneuver to avoid colliding with space debris. | Video


Toyota partners with Stanford, MIT on self-driving car research 6:02pm BST

DETROIT - Toyota Motor Corp is collaborating with two top U.S. universities on artificial intelligence and robotics research aimed at ramping up the Japanese automaker's efforts to develop self-driving cars.

Snot-filled whale research takes flight 12:05pm BST

Gloucester, Mass. - Snotbot is a drone whose name describes it perfectly, it's a robot that collects snot, specifically whale snot. | Video


Key radar fails on $1 billion NASA environmental satellite 03 Sep 2015

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - A key instrument on a $1 billion NASA satellite has failed, reducing scientists' ability to capture data to measure the moisture in Earth's soil in order to improve flood forecasting and monitor climate change, officials said on Thursday.


Explosive news: Plants can fight back against TNT pollution - researchers 03 Sep 2015

WASHINGTON - Scientists have discovered why TNT is so toxic to plants and intend to use this knowledge to tackle the problem of cleaning up the many sites worldwide contaminated by the commonly used explosive.

Scientists turn to aspirin to turbo-charge cancer immunotherapy 03 Sep 2015

LONDON - Giving cheap aspirin to cancer patients may turbo-charge the effectiveness of expensive new medicines that help their immune systems fight tumors, experiments on mice suggest.

Robot mother builds and improves its own children 03 Sep 2015

Scientists from the University of Cambridge have built a mother robot that independently builds its own children and then tests their performance to inform the design of the next generation. By analyzing the data it collects from observing the child, the mother robot ensures that preferential traits are passed down to the next iteration, while letting weaknesses fall by the wayside. | Video

20 kilometer high space elevator tower planned 03 Sep 2015

Ambitious plans to build a twenty kilometer (12.4 miles) tall space elevator tower have been announced by a Canadian space technology firm. | Video


Odd ancient lizard-like reptile called earliest-known turtle 02 Sep 2015

WASHINGTON - It was a creature that one scientist said resembled "a strange, gluttonous lizard that swallowed a small Frisbee."


For diabetes in obesity, weight-loss surgery beats medication

(Reuters Health) - Weight-loss surgery beats medication for controlling type 2 diabetes in obese people, according to the longest-term trial ever to compare the two approaches.