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MPs say both sides of Brexit debate make bogus claims


LONDON Both sides in campaigning for Britain's European Union referendum should call an "amnesty" after making a string of misleading and bogus claims, a group of MPs said on Friday.


Brexit would be serious risk to global economic growth - G7 leaders 2:46pm BST

ISE-SHIMA, Japan A British exit from the European Union would be a serious risk to global economic growth, Group of Seven leaders said in a summit declaration on Friday, as Prime Minister David Cameron urged voters to "listen to our friends" on the impact of Brexit. | Video


EU Referendum Scorecard - Trump and Boris, a seesaw and immigration 1:39pm BST

LONDON The abiding image of the week was a mural of Donald Trump locked in a Soviet-style kiss with "Out" campaigner Boris Johnson in what pro-EU campaigners intended as a warning of things to come if Britain were to leave the 28-member bloc.


Better economic arguments needed to sway Scots on independence, say Greens 1:54pm BST

EDINBURGH More work to nail the economic arguments is needed if Scotland wants to split from the United Kingdom, regardless of the outcome of next month's in-out European Union referendum, the head of the pro-independence Scottish Greens said.

Biometric data of over 100 UK terrorism suspects lost - watchdog 10:31am BST

LONDON Mistakes by British police and security services have meant the fingerprint and DNA records of more than 100 terrorism suspects have been lost, Britain's biometrics watchdog said on Friday.


Cameron says net migration figures disappointing 7:48am BST

ISE-SHIMA, Japan British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Friday that figures showing net migration at its second highest level on record were disappointing but that he expected the trend to change.


Cameron says never a "closet Brexiteer", Britain needs EU for economy 7:50am BST

ISE-SHIMA, Japan British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Friday he was not a "closet Brexiteer" and that leaving the European Union would hurt Britain's economic future and complicate trade deals with countries such as Japan.


Cameron says Britain must support Libya to thwart threat 7:34am BST

ISE-SHIMA, Japan Prime Minister David Cameron said on Friday that Britain must support the Libyan government to help it to gain control over a country which in its present state "is a danger to us all".


G7 told to act on antibiotics as dreaded superbug hits U.S. 9:37am BST

ISE-SHIMA, Japan/LONDON Britain told the G7 industrial powers on Friday to do more to fight killer superbugs as the United States reported the first case in the country of a patient with bacteria resistant to a last-resort antibiotic.


UK consumer confidence edges up but Brexit vote clouds outlook 12:11am BST

LONDON Morale among British consumers edged up in May but uncertainty around next month's referendum on European Union membership continued to cloud the economic outlook, a survey showed on Friday.