Merkel promises to work with Britain's Cameron on reform of EU


BERLIN - German Chancellor Angela Merkel promised on Friday to work with David Cameron to clinch a deal on reforming the European Union that would keep Britain in the bloc, saying "where there's a will there's a way".

Russia asks Britain to block auction of 'stolen' painting 2:12pm BST

MOSCOW - The Russian bureau of Interpol has sent a request to the British police to block the auction of a painting by a famous Russian artist because it was "stolen", Russia's Interior Ministry said in a statement on Saturday.


North Ireland first minister leaves hospital ahead of talks 29 May 2015

BELFAST - Northern Ireland First Minister Peter Robinson was released from hospital on Friday as the Irish and British governments stepped in to try and break an impasse that could threaten the region's power-sharing administration.

Workers at Tata Steel UK's biggest union vote to strike 29 May 2015

LONDON - Tata Steel UK's biggest trade union voted on Friday to go on strike, setting the scene for the biggest labour action in the British steel sector in three decades.


David Miliband says world refugee crisis to worsen with climate change 29 May 2015

NEW YORK - A historic 52 million people are fleeing conflict worldwide, a trend that will intensify over the next two decades because of climate change, International Rescue Committee chief David Miliband said on Friday.


Poland sees tough talks on Britain's EU immigrant plan 29 May 2015

WARSAW - Poland will be very firm in its talks with Prime Minister David Cameron over the situation of Polish immigrants in Britain and would reject changing EU treaties, ministers from the Eastern European country said.

British police arrest two people suspected of preparing terrorism acts 29 May 2015

- UK police arrested a man and a woman in two towns west of London on Thursday who were suspected of preparing terrorist attacks, the West Midlands Police said in a Facebook posting.

Elite group of British-born residents enjoy 'non-dom' tax haven 28 May 2015

LONDON - At least 800 British-born United Kingdom residents enjoy “non-domiciled” status, a tax break intended for temporary residents, according to data released in response to a Freedom of Information Act request by Reuters.


UK first-quarter growth sapped by surge in imports 28 May 2015

LONDON - Britain sucked in imports in the first three months of 2015, and its large services sector performed weaker than first thought, casting doubt over the strength of its previously robust recovery. | Video


UK says rejects whistleblower's warning over nuclear submarines 28 May 2015

LONDON - Britain has completed an inquiry into a whistleblower's allegations that its nuclear-armed submarines have major security flaws and is satisfied no safety breaches have occurred, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said on Thursday.