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No longer an also-ran, Corbyn hits campaign trail


REDRUTH, England British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn is back on the campaign trail just weeks after losing an election, betting that Prime Minister Theresa May's minority government will soon collapse.


Britain posts first July budget surplus in 15 years, outlook darker 1:16pm BST

LONDON Britain unexpectedly posted its first budget surplus for any July since 2002 according to official data on Tuesday, welcome news for finance minister Philip Hammond in what still looks likely to be a difficult financial year for the government.


Princess Diana beguiles the world 20 years after death 10:11am BST

LONDON From TV documentaries and the private memories of her sons to a slew of new "revelations" and renewed theories about her death, Britain's Princess Diana is once again front page news 20 years after she died.


Scottish, Welsh government heads aim to stop 'blatant power grab' after Brexit 11:00am BST

EDINBURGH The head of devolved governments in Scotland and Wales will meet on Tuesday to try to set a common strategy to protect parliamentary powers which they say are under threat from Britain's plan to leave the European Union.


UK outlines approach to cross-border legal disputes post-Brexit 12:43pm BST

LONDON Britain urged the EU on Tuesday to stick to the existing system for resolving cross-border civil disputes after Brexit, expanding on a list of proposals for future ties to try to nudge talks forward with the bloc.


UK air travel could slump if no early Brexit aviation deal - report 3:47pm BST

LONDON Britain's airports could see passenger numbers plunge by as much as 40 percent unless the government strikes an interim aviation deal with the European Union by October 2018, according to an industry report seen by Reuters on Tuesday.


Britain pushes plan on goods and services in post-Brexit talks, EU sceptical 21 Aug 2017

LONDON/BRUSSELS Britain urged the European Union on Monday not to separate goods from services in Brexit talks, further outlining its negotiating stance to try to nudge discussions forward to a second phase on future relations.


Britain's Big Ben falls silent for four years of renovation work 21 Aug 2017

LONDON The "Big Ben" bell in the British parliament's famous clock tower tolled for the last time on Monday before it ceased its regular bongs for four years while renovation work is carried out. | Video


Britain confident of moving onto second phase of Brexit talks 21 Aug 2017

LONDON Britain is confident its Brexit talks with the European Union are making sufficient progress to move to a second phase in the negotiations to discuss its future partnership by October, a spokeswoman for Prime Minister Theresa May said on Monday.

Ready, set, slow! British Citroen 2CV enthusiasts stage 24-hour race 21 Aug 2017

SNETTERTON, England Roaring engines and squealing tyres - though not especially great speeds - were the ordre du jour at a 24-hour endurance race in Britain celebrating one of history's quirkiest cars - France's Citroen 2CV. | Video