Scottish 'don't knows' hold key to historic vote


EDINBURGH - Scotland's independence campaign has stoked strong passions on both sides but with just two days until Thursday's historic referendum, it is the quiet waverers who may hold the balance of power. | Video


Scottish investment trusts could move south on 'Yes' vote in referendum 5:33pm BST

LONDON - Invented by a Scotsman more than a century ago, a fifth of the billions of pounds invested in the UK investment trust sector still resides north of the border. For how much longer is uncertain.


Scottish soldiers join battle over independence 3:12pm BST

EDINBURGH - A furious fight has broken out over the question of Scotland's future defence and its past military legacy in the final days before an independence referendum, with veterans arguing for both sides.


Betfair pays up early to gamblers backing Scottish 'No' 3:58pm BST

LONDON - Polls say the outcome of the Scottish independence vote is too close to call but gambling company Betfair is already paying out more than 100,000 pounds to customers who backed a "No" vote. | Video


Ahead of independence vote, Britain pledges state funding to Scotland 5:29pm BST

EDINBURGH - Britain promised to guarantee Scotland high levels of state funding, granting Scots greater control over healthcare spending in a last-ditch attempt to shore up support for the United Kingdom before Thursday's vote on independence. | Video


Independent Scotland would struggle to keep pound informally - NIESR 1:05pm BST

LONDON - An independent Scotland would struggle to maintain an informal currency union with the rest of the United Kingdom for more than a year if it walked away from its share of the UK's national debt, a think tank said on Tuesday.


Scotland's vote worries chase investors out of UK - BOFA survey 1:40pm BST

LONDON - Uncertainty surrounding the outcome of the Scottish independence referendum this week has sent investors in British assets heading for the exits, a closely watched survey showed on Tuesday.


PM says Thailand not always safe for tourists after murder of Britons 2:31pm BST

BANGKOK - Thailand's prime minister said on Tuesday the country was not always as safe for foreign visitors as their homelands, after the murder of two British tourists dealt a blow to the southeast Asian nation's image. | Video


UK inflation slips back, house price growth hits seven-year high 9:35am BST

LONDON, Sept 16 - British inflation edged down last month but house price growth surged in July at the fastest annual pace since in seven years, official data showed on Tuesday.

Police boss at centre of British child sex scandal quits 2:50pm BST

LONDON - A official who for weeks defied a barrage of calls to quit over his role in a 16-year sex abuse scandal involving some 1,400 children finally bowed to pressure and resigned on Tuesday.