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English malaise stirs yearning for divorce from European Union


GILLINGHAM, England With a tattoo of Winston Churchill's face on his right forearm and a poem about English pride on his t-shirt, Michael Clarkson is not shy about his patriotism or his disdain for a Europe that lies "miles away, over the sea".

Trinity Mirror to shut new paper after just nine weeks 7:32am BST

LONDON British publisher Trinity Mirror said on Thursday it would shut the New Day newspaper it launched just nine weeks ago after an attempt to introduce a new title to the fiercely competitive market failed.


Britain's Labour set to take London after bitter mayoral campaign 1:03am BST

LONDON Sadiq Khan, a Muslim opposition lawmaker, is on course to be elected London's mayor on Thursday, loosening the ruling Conservatives' hold on Britain's financial centre after a campaign marred by charges of anti-Semitism and extremism.


Cameron says British exit from EU would hurt steel industry 04 May 2016

LONDON Britain's steel industry would face severe challenges if the country was not a member of the European Union, Prime Minister David Cameron said on Wednesday ahead of a June 23 referendum on whether to stay in the bloc.


Cameron backs down over Syrian child refugees, Britain to take more 04 May 2016

LONDON Prime Minister David Cameron said on Wednesday Britain would take more Syrian child refugees who had made it to Europe, in a move to quell a rebellion in his party before a referendum on EU membership.


Supporters of jailed Libor trader Hayes make crowdfunding appeal 04 May 2016

LONDON Supporters of Tom Hayes, a former star trader serving an 11-year jail sentence for conspiring to rig Libor interest rates, have launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise 150,000 pounds to pay for a fresh attempt to appeal against his conviction.


Jewish leaders call for Labour Party to act on anti-Semitism 'cancer' 04 May 2016

LONDON Almost half a century ago, when he first became an active supporter of Britain's Labour Party, Rabbi Abraham Pinter said it had far less of a problem with anti-Semitism than the country as a whole.


World's biggest diamond to be auctioned in London 04 May 2016

NEW YORK "Lesedi la Rona," the largest gem-quality rough diamond discovered in more than 100 years, will be auctioned in London next month and is expected to sell for $70 million (£48.2 million), international auction house Sotheby's said on Wednesday. | Video


Dragons and moats as Kate Middleton opens magical palace garden 04 May 2016

LONDON The Duchess of Cambridge played with children amidst a dragon nest and moats at a new play area inspired by Tudor Court legends which she officially opened at London's Hampton Court Palace on Wednesday.