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Italian PM Renzi resigns, president to consult with parties

ROME Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi resigned on Wednesday after a bruising referendum loss at the weekend, with most parliamentary factions pushing for an early election in a few months' time. | Video

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Ties between Russia and the Taliban worry Afghan, U.S. officials

KABUL Afghan and American officials are increasingly worried that any deepening of ties between Russia and Taliban militants fighting to topple the government in Kabul could complicate an already precarious security situation.

07 Dec 2016

NZ finance minister emerges as likely PM as rival drops out of race

WELLINGTON New Zealand Finance Minister Bill English emerged on Friday as the country's likely next leader after his closest competitor for the prime ministership dropped out of the race.

1:46am GMT

Brazil top court rules Senate head can stay, defuses crisis

BRASILIA Brazil's Supreme Court on Wednesday overturned an injunction that ordered the indicted head of the Senate, Renan Calheiros, to step down, voting to allow him to continue in the post but not in the presidential line of succession.

07 Dec 2016

Dozens killed in west Iraq air strike, MPs and medics say

BAGHDAD Air strikes killed dozens of people, including many women and children, in an Islamic State-held town near Iraq's western border with Syria on Wednesday, two parliamentarians and local hospital sources said.

Syria, Iraq, Middle East 07 Dec 2016

Netanyahu in high stakes gamble with new settlement bill

JERUSALEM Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's support for a bill that would legalise Israeli settlement homes on private Palestinian land in the West Bank is seen in Israel as another feint in a power struggle within his ruling right-wing coalition.

Israel, Middle East 07 Dec 2016