Civilian casualties in Afghanistan hit record high - U.N.

KABUL Civilian casualties of the war in Afghanistan rose to record levels for the seventh year in row in 2015, as violence spread across the country in the wake of the withdrawal of most international troops, the United Nations reported on Sunday.

Afghan Taliban use captured Humvees in suicide attack 13 Feb 2016

LASHKAR GAH Taliban insurgents in captured military Humvee vehicles launched suicide attacks in the southern Afghan province of Helmand on Saturday, killing several members of the security forces in the district centre of Sangin, a senior official said.


Outgoing U.S. commander says mission in Afghanistan not changing 13 Feb 2016

KABUL U.S. troops in Afghanistan will not return to an active role fighting the Taliban despite the likelihood of another difficult year of combat, the outgoing commander of international forces, Gen. John Campbell, said on Saturday.

Afghan appeal after ex-governor kidnapped in Pakistani capital 13 Feb 2016

ISLAMABAD/KABUL Afghanistan's government on Saturday appealed to Pakistan to take action to find and free a former provincial governor who has been kidnapped in Islamabad.

U.S. has 'significantly' upped strikes on Islamic State in Afghanistan - general 11 Feb 2016

WASHINGTON The United States has "significantly" increased its air strikes against Islamic State in Afghanistan since President Barack Obama granted commanders broader authority last month to target the group there, a U.S. military spokesman said on Thursday.


With fewer U.S. troops in Afghanistan, pressure grows for more air strikes 10 Feb 2016

KABUL Pressure is growing on the U.S. military to do more to help Afghan forces repel the threat posed by Taliban militants, and commanders in Washington and Kabul agree that enhanced air power may be where it can make the most difference.


U.S. troop reinforcements head for embattled southern Afghan province 09 Feb 2016

KABUL Hundreds more U.S. troops are headed for Afghanistan’s strife-torn Helmand province to shore up security forces who have struggled in the face of sustained Taliban attacks, officials said.


Migrant arrivals to Greece's Lesbos rise after days of bad weather 08 Feb 2016

ON BOARD THE AGIOS EFSTRATIOS, Greece They waved, cheered and let out sighs of relief as their rubber boat, packed with dozens of mainly Syrian and Afghan refugees, approached the Greek coast guard ship that would rescue them at open sea near the island of Lesbos.


Suicide bombers in Afghanistan kill 9, wound 23 08 Feb 2016

GARDEZ, Afghanistan Two suicide bombers targeting Afghan government and military employees killed at least nine people on Monday and wounded 23, officials said.


Nations aim for Afghan peace talks with Taliban by end-February 06 Feb 2016

ISLAMABAD Officials from the four nations seeking to end Afghanistan's 15-year-old war agreed on Saturday to press for direct talks between Taliban groups and the U.S.-backed government in Kabul by the end of the month.