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Afghan Taliban delegation visits China to discuss unrest - sources

PESHAWAR A delegation from the Taliban visited China earlier this month to discuss the situation in Afghanistan, where the insurgent movement is fighting the Western-backed government in Kabul, sources in the Taliban said.


Afghan government loses 5 percent of territory in 4 months - U.S. government watchdog 29 Jul 2016

WASHINGTON The Afghan government lost control or influence of nearly 5 percent of its territory between January and May, the U.S government's top watchdog on Afghanistan said in a report on Friday, an indication of the challenges its forces are facing.

Five U.S. military members injured in Afghanistan - commander 28 Jul 2016

WASHINGTON Five U.S. special operations members were wounded while working with Afghan special forces in an operation to clear areas controlled by Islamic State in eastern Afghanistan, the top U.S. military commander in Afghanistan said on Thursday.


Conspiracy theories flourish after Turkey's failed coup 27 Jul 2016

ISTANBUL/ANKARA Turkey's failed coup was financed by the CIA and directed by a retired U.S. army general using a cell in Afghanistan, said one Turkish pro-government newspaper. CIA agents used an island hotel off Istanbul as a nerve centre for the plot, said another.


Afghanistan weighs Islamic State threat after Kabul attack 26 Jul 2016

KABUL Islamic State is threatening more attacks against Afghanistan's Hazara minority after Saturday's suicide blasts in Kabul that killed 80 people, pledging to retaliate against support by some in the mainly Shi'ite group for the Assad regime in Syria. | Video


Migrants on Serbia-Hungary border go on hunger strike, want to enter EU 25 Jul 2016

HORGOS, Serbia About 150 migrants, mainly from Afghanistan and Pakistan, on Monday started a hunger strike in a field in Serbia on the border with Hungary to demand passage to the European Union. | Video


Civilian casualties increase as Afghan troops battle Taliban - U.N. 25 Jul 2016

KABUL Civilians are being killed and wounded in record numbers in Afghanistan, the United Nations reported on Monday, just days after one of the deadliest attacks ever in Kabul.


Afghan teenager met Munich gunman just before attack - prosecutor 25 Jul 2016

MUNICH A 16-year-old Afghan youth who was arrested on Sunday had been in contact via WhatsApp with an 18-year-old gunman who killed nine people in Munich two days earlier and also met him just before the attack, Bavarian officials said.


Afghan youth arrested over possible role in Munich shooting - police 25 Jul 2016

BERLIN German police arrested a 16-year-old Afghan youth on Sunday on suspicion of a connection to the killing of nine people by an 18-year-old gunman in Munich, authorities said.


Anger, mourning in Afghanistan after Kabul suicide attack 24 Jul 2016

KABUL Members of Afghanistan's Hazara minority began the task of burying more than 80 people killed in Saturday's suicide attack in Kabul with many blaming political leaders for security failures that led to the massacre. | Video