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Bergdahl defense can access classified information, court rules


Lawyers for U.S. Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, who faces a potential life sentence for desertion while serving in Afghanistan, should have access to classified material to prepare his defense, a military appeals court has ruled.


Afghan forces battle to push Taliban from southern highway 01 May 2016

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan Afghan security forces have been battling to push back Taliban fighters seeking to cut off the capital of the southern province of Uruzgan, officials said on Sunday as army units worked to clear roadside bombs from the main highway into the town.


Afghan forces launch push against Taliban 30 Apr 2016

KABUL Government forces have launched operations against the Taliban in 18 provinces of Afghanistan as fighting has intensified since the start of the insurgents' spring offensive this month, the ministry of defence said on Saturday.

Australian aid worker believed kidnapped in Afghanistan 29 Apr 2016

SYDNEY Australia is working closely with the Afghan government to secure the safe return of an Australian aid worker believed to have been kidnapped, Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said on Friday.

Pakistan says has taken steps to root out militants in Waziristan 27 Apr 2016

ISLAMABAD Pakistan has done its best to root out militants from the Waziristan region, its foreign secretary said on Wednesday, after Afghanistan called for its neighbour to act against the Taliban and other groups aligned to the militants.


Insight - With Kunduz in crosshairs again, Afghan forces draw on past mistakes 27 Apr 2016

KUNDUZ, Afghanistan Bullet-ridden bunkers and signposts shredded by rockets bear witness to dozens of Taliban attacks this month on police posts around Kunduz, the northern Afghan city that fell briefly in September in the insurgents' biggest victory to date.

Afghan Taliban delegation in Pakistan amid efforts to restart peace process 26 Apr 2016

PESHAWAR, Pakistan/KABUL An Afghan Taliban delegation has arrived in Pakistan to meet officials in a bid to restart a stuttering peace process with Kabul, Afghan officials and Taliban leaders said on Tuesday, although it was unclear who the delegation was meeting.


Russian ambassador denies Moscow supporting Taliban 25 Apr 2016

KABUL Russia's ambassador to Afghanistan denied on Monday that Moscow was giving its backing to the Taliban in its fight against Islamic State militants who have established a growing presence in the east of the country.


Afghan president blasts Taliban 'slaves', says little time left for peace 25 Apr 2016

KABUL President Ashraf Ghani said Afghanistan faced a terrorist enemy led by Taliban "slaves" in Pakistan in a sombre speech to parliament on Monday that nonetheless left the door open to resuming peace talks with parts of the Taliban.


Barely guarded Afghan border puts ex-Soviet Tajikistan in peril 21 Apr 2016

SHURO-OBOD, Tajikistan The three Tajik construction workers were quietly mending a road near the Panj River last month when they stumbled on a group of men with assault rifles who had crossed over from Afghanistan in broad daylight.