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Roadside bomb kills U.S. soldier in Afghanistan, coalition says

LASHKAR GAH A roadside bomb killed a U.S. soldier in Helmand, a province in southern Afghanistan that has seen an upsurge in violence in recent weeks.


Afghans push India for more arms, despite Pakistan's wary eye 23 Aug 2016

NEW DELHI India is set to deliver more arms to Afghanistan to help it fight Islamist militants, Kabul's envoy to New Delhi said, even if Pakistan is wary of closer military cooperation between countries lying to its east and west.

Pakistani forces kill six in new offensive near Afghan border 22 Aug 2016

ISLAMABAD Pakistani security forces have killed six people in a remote northwestern valley near the Afghan border in a new offensive against Islamist militants in the area, the military said.

Taliban make further gains in Afghan north 20 Aug 2016

KABUL The Afghan Taliban captured a strategic district in the northern province of Kunduz on Saturday, forcing troops to retreat to the provincial capital which fell briefly to the insurgents last year, officials said.


Funding cuts, insurgency hamper Afghan goal to clear mines by 2023 19 Aug 2016

SALANG PASS, Afghanistan Afghanistan's campaign to clear millions of landmines left by the Soviet invasion and ensuing civil war is in danger of stalling, as international aid slumps and militant violence makes more of the country inaccessible. | Video


Afghan air force needs more pilots, as well as more planes 16 Aug 2016

KABUL The Afghan air force is limited not only by its size. Despite numbering only 130 aircraft, there are not enough pilots and crews to fly them all.


Taliban capture key district in Afghan north 15 Aug 2016

KUNDUZ, Afghanistan Taliban insurgents, seeking to force the NATO-led coalition out of Afghanistan and bring in Islamic law, captured a key district in the northern province of Baghlan after days of fighting, officials said on Monday.


Islamic State faces uphill 'branding war' in Afghanistan, Pakistan 14 Aug 2016

ISLAMABAD The U.S. drone strike that killed Islamic State's commander for Afghanistan and Pakistan was the latest blow to the Middle East-led movement's ambitions to expand into a region where the long-established Taliban remain the dominant Islamist force.

Taliban 'special forces' lead Helmand assault - Afghan officials 14 Aug 2016

CHAH-E-ANJIR, Afghanistan Only a few days ago, this village of mud huts in southern Afghanistan was a battlefield.

Afghan Taliban free six crew of Pakistani helicopter captured after crash 13 Aug 2016

ISLAMABAD Five Pakistanis and a Russian who were captured by the Afghan Taliban after their government helicopter crashed in eastern Afghanistan have been released and returned to Pakistan, the foreign ministry said on Saturday.