Buhari builds on early lead in tight Nigerian election


ABUJA - Nigerian opposition leader Muhammadu Buhari built a lead of 2 million votes with three-quarters of states counted on Monday, raising the prospect of a stunning ballot box victory for a man who first came to power three decades ago via a military coup. | Video

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Jonathan spurned by Nigerian voters in Boko Haram heartland 30 Mar 2015

MAIDUGURI, Nigeria - Nigeria's election is in some ways a referendum on President Goodluck Jonathan's record on the economy, power shortages and corruption, but for residents of northeasterly Borno state the key issue was his fight against Boko Haram.

U.S., UK see disturbing signs of interference in Nigeria vote count 30 Mar 2015

LONDON - The United States and Britain said on Monday there were "disturbing indications" of political interference in the counting of votes in Nigeria's election.

Boko Haram did not disrupt Nigeria election - U.N. envoy 30 Mar 2015

UNITED NATIONS - Boko Haram militants were unable to disrupt Nigeria's presidential election, a United Nations envoy said on Monday, but the group's allegiance to Islamic State insurgents shows it has an agenda that goes beyond Africa's top oil producer and biggest economy.


Kenya announces plans to reopen Nairobi mall after attack 30 Mar 2015

NAIROBI - Kenya's Westgate mall, the scene of a four-day siege in late 2013 that left dozens dead, will reopen to the public in July for the first time since the attack, officials said on Monday.


Nigeria vote runs into second day after glitches, killings 29 Mar 2015

ABUJA - Voting in Nigeria's tensest election since the end of military rule in 1999 spilled into a second day on Sunday after technical glitches hit voter ID machines and Islamist Boko Haram militants killed more than a dozen people in drive-by shootings.