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U.S. accused of killing 22 in misdirected Somalia air strike

MOGADISHU An air strike in northern Somalia left as many as 22 soldiers dead overnight, local officials said on Wednesday, and one region said the United States had been duped into attacking its troops.

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French policy shift leaves Gabon's Bongo out in the cold 12:28pm BST

DAKAR In the heyday of former President Omar Bongo, Gabon and its oil wealth were a central pillar of "La Francafrique", a shadowy network that enabled France's troops to defend African autocrats in exchange for juicy contracts for French companies.


U.N. calls for support for Libya government, upholding of ban on arms 10:39am BST

GENEVA The top United Nations official in Libya called on Tuesday for countries to support the fledgling national unity government of the North African country and do more to halt banned arms shipments there.


Seychelles vice president to complete term of resigning president 5:58am BST

VICTORIA The Seychelles vice president will complete the five-year term of resigning President James Michel, a statement from the state house said on Wednesday, despite a shake-up of national politics after the opposition won parliamentary elections this month.


South Sudan rebels say govt troops attack base in north, threaten retaliation 27 Sep 2016

JUBA Rebel forces in South Sudan said government troops attacked their garrison in a town in the north on Tuesday, and they threatened swift retaliation, stoking fears of another full-blown military confrontation in the young nation.


Disputed Gabon poll may harm 'global citizen' Bongo 27 Sep 2016

DAKAR Last week while Gabon was awaiting a court ruling on a disputed election result, a U.S. think-tank held a black tie dinner in Manhattan at which President Ali Bongo had been meant to receive a "Global Citizen Award".