Nigerian leaders unite against Boko Haram


ABUJA - Leaders from across Nigeria appealed for a united front against Boko Haram on Thursday, saying the Islamist insurgents were waging war on Christian and Muslim Nigerians alike.

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Mine injures peacekeeper as diplomats visit Mali's Kidal 23 Apr 2014

BAMAKO - A mine exploded in the northern Malian town of Kidal on Wednesday, seriously injuring a United Nations peacekeeper from Guinea but not affecting a delegation of visiting diplomats, a U.N. spokesman said.


U.N. should have done more to prevent South Sudan massacre - Uganda 23 Apr 2014

KAMPALA - Uganda's army, backing its neighbour South Sudan against a four-month-old rebellion, said on Wednesday U.N. peacekeepers should have done more to stop insurgents slaughtering hundreds of civilians there last week.

At least 37 killed in Congo train crash - sources 23 Apr 2014

KINSHASA - At least 37 people were killed in a train crash in Democratic Republic of Congo's Katanga province on Tuesday, a witness and a local official said on Wednesday.


China urges renewed peace effort in South Sudan after massacre 23 Apr 2014

BEIJING - China on Wednesday urged renewed peace efforts in South Sudan after the United Nations said rebels slaughtered hundreds of civilians when they seized the South Sudan oil hub of Bentiu.


Import tariffs strain rich-poor gap in 'madly expensive' Luanda 23 Apr 2014

LUANDA - In Luanda's Jumbo supermarket, a half-litre tub of imported vanilla ice-cream used to cost $25, testament to the Angolan capital's rank as one of the world's most expensive cities.