Kenyan financial firm Britam's half-year profit leaps 31 percent

NAIROBI - Kenya's British American (Britam) achieved a 31 percent jump in pretax profit in the six months to the end of June, the company said on Wednesday.

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Cameroon says closes borders with Nigeria in bid to halt Ebola 19 Aug 2014

YAOUNDE - Cameroon has closed all its borders with Nigeria in a bid to halt the spread of the Ebola virus, state radio said on Tuesday.


Liberia hunts escaped Ebola victims as WHO calls for controls 18 Aug 2014

MONROVIA/GENEVA - Liberia struggled on Monday to track down 17 suspected Ebola carriers who fled quarantine at the weekend, while the U.N. health agency urged affected West African nations to screen all departures in a bid to contain the worst outbreak of the virus.

Nigeria now has 12 Ebola cases, five recovered 18 Aug 2014

ABUJA - Nigeria has 12 confirmed cases of the Ebola virus, up from 10 at last week's count, of which five have almost fully recovered, the Health Ministry said on Monday.


Struggling Liberia creates 'plague villages' in Ebola epicenter 18 Aug 2014

BOYA Liberia/DAKAR - To try to control the Ebola epidemic spreading through West Africa, Liberia has quarantined remote villages at the epicenter of the virus, evoking the "plague villages" of medieval Europe that were shut off from the outside world. | Video


BHP set to jettison assets as miner sharpens focus 18 Aug 2014

MELBOURNE - BHP Billiton is set to unwind what's left of its 2001 merger with South Africa's Billiton on Tuesday, bundling the remaining assets into a new company to be handed to shareholders so it can focus on its core businesses.