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Egypt's Sisi ratifies deal ceding Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia

CAIRO Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Saturday ratified an agreement that cedes sovereignty over two uninhabited Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia, brushing off widespread public criticism of the deal.

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Egyptian Christians, Muslims share Ramadan meals despite Islamist violence 21 Jun 2017

CAIRO In a display of communal solidarity defying the sectarian violence of Islamist militants, Egyptian Christians in Cairo organise daily meals for Muslim neighbours who must fast from dawn to dusk during their holy month of Ramadan.


Egypt sends fuel for Gaza's only power plant as Hamas links thaw 21 Jun 2017

GAZA Egypt sent fuel on Wednesday to the Gaza Strip's only power plant to help alleviate an energy crisis that has left the Palestinian enclave's two million residents with less than three hours of electricity per day.


Egypt's top court temporarily halts decisions on Red Sea islands 21 Jun 2017

CAIRO Egypt's top court has temporarily halted all verdicts on a contested deal to transfer two Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia until it decides who has jurisdiction, a spokesman said on Wednesday.

Egypt kills 12 militants in Sinai air strike, three in Alexandria raid 20 Jun 2017

CAIRO Egyptian jets bombed a gathering site of Sinai-based Islamist militants, killing 12 and destroying several four-wheel drive vehicles, the military said on Tuesday.


"He said he was Christian, they shot him," says son who saw father die 20 Jun 2017

DAYR JARNOUS, Egypt Egyptian schoolboy Mina Habib rarely leaves his house these days. The 10-year-old is still recovering from seeing Islamist gunmen kill his father for being Christian.