Egypt allows in travellers from Gaza for first time since October

GAZA - Egypt opened the Rafah border crossing on Sunday for incoming passengers from the Gaza Strip for the first time in almost two months, Palestinian and Egyptian officials said.

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Egyptian court overturns some Muslim Brotherhood asset seizures 16 Dec 2014

CAIRO - An Egyptian court on Tuesday overturned decisions by a special committee to seize the assets of Muslim Brotherhood leaders, without saying which members or assets will be affected.

Captain, officer of Kuwaiti ship detained after deadly collision 16 Dec 2014

CAIRO - The captain and first officer of a Kuwaiti container ship have been detained for four days after their ship collided with a fishing vessel in the Red Sea, killing 13 Egyptians, a public prosecutor said on Tuesday.

Egypt to try hundreds of civilians in military courts 15 Dec 2014

CAIRO - An Egyptian prosecutor on Monday referred to a military court at least 339 alleged supporters of the banned Muslim Brotherhood, including four top leaders, judicial sources said, as the state expands a crackdown against political opponents.

Kuwaiti ship, Egyptian fishing boat, collide in Red Sea, killing 13 15 Dec 2014

CAIRO - Egypt has ordered an investigation into an accident in which a Kuwaiti container ship and a fishing vessel collided in the Red Sea in an incident that killed 13 Egyptians.


Islamist group criticises Egypt over arrest warrant for cleric 15 Dec 2014

DOHA - Scores of Islamist scholars criticised Egypt on Monday for seeking an Interpol arrest warrant for their leader, a Qatar-based cleric whose outspoken support for the Muslim Brotherhood contributed to a diplomatic rift between Gulf Arab states.