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Four Egyptian soldiers killed by explosion in Sinai

CAIRO Four Egyptian soldiers were killed in an explosion that hit their armoured vehicle on Saturday in the northern Sinai peninsula, where the government is battling an Islamic State-led insurgency, security sources said.

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A dozen Egyptian security personnel killed in Sinai fighting 23 Mar 2017

CAIRO Ten members of Egypt's military were killed when their vehicles were hit by two improvised bombs during an operation against suspected militants in the Sinai peninsula, the military said on Thursday.


Egypt camel racers hope desert sport will spread to fresh pastures 22 Mar 2017

ISMAILIA, Egypt On a desert track in eastern Egypt camels race across the sand, urged on by their young jockeys and a convoy of cars speeding alongside them.


Cairo rage room lets Egyptians take a swing at their frustrations 21 Mar 2017

CAIRO Residents of the Egyptian capital have a new outlet to release frustrations built up living in a crowded megacity.


Britain introduces electronics restrictions on flights from six countries 21 Mar 2017

LONDON Britain has introduced restrictions on carry-on electronic goods on direct inbound flights from Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia for the safety of the public, a spokesman for Prime Minister Theresa May said on Tuesday.


EgyptAir to implement U.S. ban on large electronics - statement 21 Mar 2017

CAIRO EgyptAir has received instructions from U.S. transport authorities imposing restrictions on electronic devices carried by incoming travellers and will bring them into effect on March 24, a spokesman said on Tuesday.