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Managers take over operations, reopen pipes at French oil hub

PARIS Managers have taken over operations and reopened pipes at the CIM oil port terminal in Le Havre, northern France, after union members decided to extend their strike on Friday, a CGT union official said.


French CGT union chief says 'ball in government's court' on strikes 27 May 2016

PARIS Strikes gripping France could be called off by Monday if President Francois Hollande's government backs down on a labour reform it is trying to push through, the head of the hardline CGT union leading the action said on Friday.


Air France shirt-ripper trial postponed 27 May 2016

PARIS Members of a union spearheading protests in France rallied at a courthouse on Friday in support of five people who risk prison over an incident in which Air France executives had their shirts ripped to shreds by employees furious over planned job cuts.


Eurotunnel boss sees no Brexit impact, was joking about duty free boost 26 May 2016

PARIS The boss of Eurotunnel said on Thursday that Britain leaving the European Union would have little impact on the under-the-English-Channel business, dismissing as a joke his prediction last year about getting a boost from new duty-free shopping.

France strike hits nuclear plants sending output lower 26 May 2016

PARIS Nuclear power plants across France were hit with unplanned outages on Thursday after unionised workers at utility EDF joined a rolling nationwide strike against planned government reforms.


Migrant numbers growing again at Calais camp 26 May 2016

PARIS Hundreds more migrants have made their way to Calais on France's north coast in recent months despite the bulldozing of part of their "jungle" camp in March, and despite extra port security aimed at stopping them from reaching Britain.


French labour clash escalates, public fear impact on Euro 2016 25 May 2016

PARIS The stand-off between France's government and a hardline union over labour reforms worsened on Wednesday as the country mobilised strategic oil stocks for the first time in 6 years and employers warned the protests were starting to hurt the economy. | Video


French nuclear plant workers to go on strike Thursday - CGT union 25 May 2016

PARIS Staff at France's 19 nuclear plants have voted to go on strike on Thursday as part of the wider protests over the governments proposed reforms to employment laws, a CGT union official said on Wednesday, but no blackouts are expected.

France uses strategic oil reserves to counter refinery blockade 25 May 2016

PARIS France has started using its strategic oil reserves for the first time since 2010 to counter union blockades of its refineries, the French oil industry federation said on Wednesday. | Video


Germany, France hold back NATO, EU ambitions in Libya 25 May 2016

BRUSSELS Europe's bold intentions to support Libya's new U.N.-backed government are faltering as France and Germany resist a bigger role to rebuild the failed state, scarred by the West's 2011 air campaign to help topple dictator Muammar Gaddafi.