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Berlin and Paris send conflicting signals on Brexit


PARIS/BERLIN Germany and France agree on one thing: that Europe must change following the shock of last week's Brexit referendum.


German, French ministers plan for 'strong Europe in uncertain world' 10:41am BST

BERLIN The foreign ministers of Germany and France have drawn up a nine-page document entitled "A strong Europe in a world of uncertainties" in which they propose common European security and migration policies and strengthened economic convergence.


France's Macron wants EU-wide referendum, far-left slams Hollande "nervousness" 25 Jun 2016

PARIS France's economy minister said on Saturday that the European Union needs a new road map that should be devised in consultation with voters and then put to a referendum, as Paris sought for ways to handle the fallout at home from the Brexit vote.

France fears Brexit consequences for EU defence capability 24 Jun 2016

PARIS France fears Britain may downsize its military ambitions once outside the European Union, leaving its neighbour to a role as the only significant power in the region, according to French defence ministry sources.


Far right FN party calls for French 'Frexit' referendum on EU 24 Jun 2016

PARIS France's far right National Front party called for a French referendum on European Union membership on Friday, cheering a Brexit vote it hopes can boost its eurosceptic agenda at home.


Black boxes from crashed EgyptAir flight will go to France for repair 23 Jun 2016

CAIRO Egyptian investigators said on Thursday they would take the memory chips from the black boxes of crashed EgyptAir flight MS804 to France next week for repairs.


French government backs down on Paris protest ban 23 Jun 2016

PARIS France's government said on Wednesday that trade unions could hold a protest march in Paris after earlier telling police to ban the demonstration, reversing course under fire from union bosses and dissenters in the ruling Socialist Party.


German trade body lowers export forecast - 'Brexit is poison' 20 Jun 2016

BERLIN German exports will grow less than expected this year due to external risks, including a British exit from the European Union and uncertainties ahead of elections in the United States and France, the head of the BGA trade association said on Monday.

Electra board members resign after company shake-up 20 Jun 2016

LONDON Electra Private Equity , which has been the focus of a campaign by activist investor Edward Bramson, said on Monday that board members Kate Barker and Francesca Barnes were resigning with immediate effect.


Belgium charges three men with terrorism offences after overnight raids 18 Jun 2016

BRUSSELS Belgian prosecutors charged three men with terrorism offences on Saturday following overnight raids that took place amid heightened security in Belgium and France due to the Euro 2016 soccer tournament.