IAEA chief heads to Iran as nuclear talks reach last stretch


VIENNA - The global nuclear watchdog said on Wednesday its boss would fly to Tehran to discuss one of the biggest sticking points that need to be resolved so that Iran and world powers can reach a breakthrough final nuclear deal by a new deadline of next week.

Iraq, North Korea failures shadow nuclear talks with Iran 5:38pm BST

VIENNA - Their inability to detect clandestine atomic programmes in Iraq and North Korea shadows Western officials as they seek to curb Iran's known nuclear activities and keep it from pursuing others in secret.


Poll - Iran oil exports could jump by 60 percent in a year 12:22pm BST

LONDON/BENGALURU - Iran will increase its oil exports by up to 60 percent within a year if it can agree a nuclear deal with world powers bringing an end to sanctions, a Reuters survey of analysts said on Wednesday.


U.S., Iran presidents issue warnings as nuclear talks extended 30 Jun 2015

VIENNA - Iran and world powers gave themselves an extra week to reach a nuclear accord, extending a deadline due to expire on Tuesday, while U.S. President Barack Obama said there would be no deal if all pathways to an Iranian nuclear weapon were not cut off.

Factbox: A guide to nuclear talks between Iran and six major powers 30 Jun 2015

- Iran and six world powers - the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China - are in what may be the final phase of negotiations aimed at securing a deal on sanctions relief in exchange for limits on Iranian nuclear activities.


BP's chief economist sees U.S. shale weathering oil surplus 30 Jun 2015

BRUSSELS - Shale output in the United States will prove resilient to low oil prices likely to be prolonged by the prospect of half a million barrels per day of Iranian crude making its way back to the market, BP's chief economist said on Tuesday.


Insight - France bets on Arab Sunni states as Iran nuclear deal nears 29 Jun 2015

VIENNA - France has asked its firms to prepare a return to Iran ahead of a likely deal with powers to curb Tehran's nuclear program, but Paris' tough stance in talks and ties with Sunni Arab states means its "love-hate" relationship with Iran will continue.


Oil hits three-week lows as Greek crisis worsens; eyes on Iran 29 Jun 2015

NEW YORK - Crude futures hit 3-week lows on Monday as Greece shut its banks and imposed capital controls, causing widespread risk aversion, while Iran looked likely to extend nuclear negotiations with the West to export more of its oil into an oversupplied market.

U.S. says absurd to suggest that it will cave in Iran talks 29 Jun 2015

VIENNA - The United States on Monday rejected criticism that world powers negotiating a nuclear agreement with Iran have been making too many compromises, saying it hoped to get a good deal but was not certain that was achievable.


Insight - A nuclear deal could sharpen political tensions in Iran 29 Jun 2015

VIENNA - A final deal to resolve the Iranian nuclear dispute could heighten domestic political tensions with two major elections looming in the Islamic Republic, analysts and officials said.


Britain, Russia at odds over UN Srebrenica genocide commemoration

UNITED NATIONS - A draft United Nations Security Council resolution commemorating the 1995 Srebrenica massacre does "not seek to bring up painful divisions nor point the finger of blame," Britain said on Wednesday as Russia pushes a rival text it considers balanced.