Iraq PM says sending ground troops to Syria would be 'dangerous escalation'

BAGHDAD Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi warned on Wednesday of a "dangerous escalation" if ground troops were deployed to Syria, comments aimed at Sunni Arab countries that have said they are prepared to enter the fray.


Iraqi PM's bid to reshuffle cabinet could cost him his job 5:14pm GMT

BAGHDAD Iraq's political blocs will likely resist Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi's attempts to replace politically appointed ministers with technocrats, a possible last-ditch effort to reform the government that could end up costing the premier his position.


Iraq's troubled finances slow efforts to rebuild Ramadi 09 Feb 2016

BAGHDAD Strain on Iraq's budget from falling oil prices is delaying the removal of Islamic State explosives in Ramadi and the restoration of basic services needed for displaced civilians to return to the western city.


Iraqi PM calls for major cabinet reshuffle 09 Feb 2016

BAGHDAD Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Tuesday he would reshuffle his cabinet to replace ministers appointed on the basis of political affiliations with technocrats.

Islamic State unlikely to be ejected from Mosul in 2016 - U.S. general 09 Feb 2016

WASHINGTON An Iraqi-led operation to retake the Islamic State stronghold of Mosul is unlikely to take place this year, a top U.S. intelligence official told Congress on Tuesday.


Kuwait backs alliances against Islamic State, but no troops 09 Feb 2016

DUBAI Kuwait backs international efforts against hardline Islamist groups in Iraq and Syria although the Gulf Arab state's constitution prevents it from sending troops to fight abroad, a senior Kuwaiti official said.

Protests intensify in Iraqi Kurdistan amid economic crisis 09 Feb 2016

ERBIL, Iraq Protests intensified in Iraq's Kurdistan region on Tuesday after the government unveiled new austerity measures to avert an economic collapse that officials warn could undermine the war effort against Islamic State.


Canada to end bombing missions in Iraq and Syria 09 Feb 2016

OTTAWA Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Monday Canada would pull out six jets that have been bombing targets in Iraq and Syria, ending a controversial combat role in the fight against Islamic State.


Widow of Islamic State leader charged in death of American - U.S. Justice Department 09 Feb 2016

WASHINGTON The wife of a deceased Islamic State leader was charged on Monday in federal court in Virginia with conspiracy in the death of American aid worker Kayla Mueller who was killed a year ago while being held hostage in Syria by the militant group, the U.S. Justice Department said.

Iran-backed militia warns against sending Arab forces to Syria, Iraq 07 Feb 2016

BAGHDAD One of Iraq's most powerful Iranian-backed Shi'ite militias on Sunday warned that Arab forces sent to Syria or Iraq would "open the gates of hell", in comments clearly aimed at Sunni Arab countries that have said they might join such an operation.