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Islamic State suicide attacks kill 32 in southern Iraq

BAGHDAD Two suicide car bombs claimed by Islamic State killed at least 32 people and wounded 75 others in the centre of the southern Iraqi city of Samawa on Sunday, police and medics said. | Video


U.S. military softens claims on drop in Islamic State's foreign fighters 28 Apr 2016

WASHINGTON The U.S. military on Thursday retreated from a top general's claim this week that the number of foreign fighters joining Islamic State in Iraq and Syria has plummeted by as much as 90 percent.


Kurds, Shi'ites agree to withdraw forces from north Iraq town after clashes 27 Apr 2016

ERBIL, Iraq Senior Kurdish and Shi'ite Muslim leaders agreed on Wednesday to withdraw their forces from a northern Iraqi town in a bid to end violence that has killed more than 10 people in recent days.


Iraqi army makes modest advance south of Mosul 27 Apr 2016

MAKHMOUR, Iraq Iraqis armed forces backed by U.S.-led coalition air power captured a village in Nineveh province from Islamic State on Wednesday, the first advance on the northern front since the offensive was paused three weeks ago.

Syrian Kurdish leader sees Turkish hand in border closure 27 Apr 2016

BEIRUT/AMUDA, Syria The Kurdish government in Iraq has dealt a blow to Kurdish-controlled areas of northern Syria by keeping the border closed for more than one month, an economic and political setback for the Syrian region as it plans for wider autonomy.

U.S. military used 'roof knock' tactic in Iraq to try to warn civilians before bombing 26 Apr 2016

WASHINGTON The United States borrowed an Israeli military tactic known as "roof knocking" to try to warn civilians before it dropped a bomb targeting Islamic State fighters in Iraq this month, but a woman was killed in the attack, a U.S. military official said on Tuesday.


Fewer foreign fighters joining Islamic State - Pentagon 26 Apr 2016

WASHINGTON The number of foreign fighters joining the Islamic State militant group in Iraq and Syria has decreased sharply in the past year to about 200 a month, a U.S. military official said on Tuesday.


Ruckus forces Iraqi MPs to leave main chamber to vote on cabinet rejig 26 Apr 2016

BAGHDAD A dozen lawmakers disrupted the Iraqi parliament's session on Tuesday, clapping, slamming their hands on desks and chanting slogans, forcing nearly two hundred other deputies to leave the main chamber to vote on a cabinet reshuffle.


Kurds and Shi'ites clash in northern Iraq despite ceasefire 25 Apr 2016

TIKRIT, Iraq Clashes between Kurdish and Shi'ite Turkmen fighters in an Iraqi town late on Monday cut the main road from Baghdad to the north for the second day in a row and threatened to undermine a ceasefire agreement reached by military leaders a day earlier.


U.N. envoy says war goals in Iraq obscuring humanitarian crisis 25 Apr 2016

GENEVA A U.N. human rights envoy said on Monday Iraq was being run by a failed government and warned foreign powers not to be "complicit" in its neglect of the plight of normal Iraqis.