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Libya captures two oil-smuggling tankers after firefight

TRIPOLI Libyan naval forces captured two vessels suspected of smuggling oil from the North African country after gun battles lasting several hours west of the capital Tripoli, a spokesman for the service said on Friday.


Libya lacks plan to prevent more migrants crossing to Europe - EU officials 27 Apr 2017

VALETTA Libya's U.N-backed government has no clear plan to help prevent more migrants reaching Europe's shores this summer, European Union officials said on Thursday, citing confused requests for equipment to patrol its shores.

Air strike kills five in southern Libya's Sabha - medical source 25 Apr 2017

BENGHAZI, Libya An air strike on a prison has killed five people in a Libyan desert town where armed factions have been fighting along a strategic route from the southern border region to the capital Tripoli, a medical source said on Tuesday.

War crimes court unseals arrest warrant for Gaddafi aide 24 Apr 2017

AMSTERDAM The International Criminal Court on Monday unsealed an arrest warrant for the former head of Libya's Internal Security Agency, saying he was suspected of war crimes and crimes against humanity for his role in repressing opposition to former ruler Muammar Gaddafi.


Italy prosecutor says rescue boats in contact with people smugglers 23 Apr 2017

ROME An Italian prosecutor has evidence of phone calls between Libyan people smugglers and aid groups operating rescue boats, he told newspaper La Stampa, amid growing criticism of non-governmental groups saving refugees off the Libyan coast.

Fewer migrants are crossing Niger for Libya - IOM 21 Apr 2017

ROME The number of migrants crossing Niger to reach Libya has declined, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) said on Friday, after Europe pledged Niger money to help it fight people-smuggling.

Libya fishermen find 28 dead migrants in boat offshore - official 18 Apr 2017

TRIPOLI Libyan fishermen found the bodies of 28 migrants who appeared to have died of thirst and hunger after their boat broke down off the coast of Sabratha city, a ministry of interior official said on Tuesday.


EU urged to save more migrants at sea, not patrol 'make-believe border' 18 Apr 2017

ROME EU patrol vessels in the Mediterranean are putting lives at risk by operating too far from the Libyan coast where migrants are embarking on the perilous voyage to Europe, the head of a rescue charity said on Tuesday.


Nearly 9,000 migrants rescued in Mediterranean over weekend - IOM 18 Apr 2017

GENEVA Nearly 9,000 mainly African migrants were rescued in the Mediterranean this past long weekend after being put by smugglers in Libya onto unseaworthy boats heading towards Italy, U.N. aid agencies said on Tuesday.


Seven migrants confirmed dead in Mediterranean rescue - official 16 Apr 2017

ROME Seven migrants died in the Mediterranean off the coast of Libya while trying to reach Europe on Sunday, an official of a rescue ship said.

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