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Tunisian prisoners tell of life with Islamic State in Libya


TRIPOLI When a U.S. air strike hit Sabratha in western Libya on Feb. 19, it reduced a building on the southern fringes of the city to rubble, killing dozens of militants and exposing a network of Islamic State cells operating just near the Tunisian border.

Ten migrants die in sinking boat off Libya - Italian coastguard 30 Jun 2016

ROME Ten women died in a sinking rubber boat off the coast of Libya on Thursday and an Italian ship rescued hundreds of other migrants, the Italian coastguard said.

Belize tanker with five Russians among crew detained off Libya 30 Jun 2016

MOSCOW A tanker under the flag of Belize with five Russian nationals among its crew has been detained by coast guards off western Libya and taken to the military port of Tripoli, Russia's Foreign Ministry said on Thursday.


Panel's report reignites debate over Clinton and Benghazi 28 Jun 2016

WASHINGTON Congressional Republicans on Tuesday accused Hillary Clinton's State Department of failing to protect four Americans killed in a 2012 attack in Libya, in a final report that contained no major new revelations but rekindled debate on the U.S. presidential campaign trail. | Video


Libyan forces clash with militants in Sirte, 14 dead - official 24 Jun 2016

TRIPOLI Libyan forces fighting Islamic State in its stronghold of Sirte said on Friday that four of their troops and 10 militants were killed in heavy clashes around the port area as militants tried to flee the city under siege.

Nepali migrants banned from working in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria 24 Jun 2016

KATHMANDU (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Nepal has banned its nationals from working in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria after 13 Nepali security guards were killed by a Taliban suicide bomber in the Afghan capital earlier this week, Labour Minister Deepak Bohara said on Friday.

Death toll in clashes, blast in Libyan town rises to 40 22 Jun 2016

TRIPOLI The number of people killed in an explosion and in clashes between militiamen and locals in a town east of Tripoli has risen to 40, an official said on Wednesday.


Libyan forces take losses in battle for Sirte against Islamic State 22 Jun 2016

TRIPOLI Libyan forces fighting Islamic State in its stronghold of Sirte said on Wednesday that 36 of their men had been killed and nearly 150 wounded in the previous day's clashes, one of the heaviest tolls in their month-long campaign.


German cabinet backs expanded role in Mediterranean mission 22 Jun 2016

BERLIN Chancellor Angela Merkel's cabinet agreed on Wednesday to expand the role of the German navy in the Mediterranean Sea to include efforts to stop arms headed to Islamic State militants in Libya, German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen said.


Libyan forces say advance against Islamic State in Sirte 21 Jun 2016

TRIPOLI Forces aligned with Libya's unity government said they had made significant gains in residential districts of Sirte on Tuesday as they battle to oust Islamic State from its coastal stronghold.