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EU to continue Libyan coast guard training after attack on migrants


ROME The European Union will go ahead with training for the Libyan coast guard this week, days after a coast guard vessel allegedly attacked a boat carrying migrants, causing four of them to drown.


Libya forces free 13 foreign captives from militants in Sirte battle 22 Oct 2016

TRIPOLI Libyan pro-government forces fighting Islamic State in Sirte have freed 11 Eritrean female captives, a Turk and an Egyptian after a battle to recapture a part of the city held by Islamic State, a spokesman for the forces said on Saturday.

Libya naval forces deny charges of attack on migrant boat 22 Oct 2016

TRIPOLI Libyan naval forces have denied accusations by a rescue organisation that one of their crew had attacked a migrant boat packed with around 150 people, causing many to fall into the sea and at least four to drown.

Seven migrants die on day of 'Libyan Coast Guard' attack 21 Oct 2016

ROME The crew of a speedboat labelled "Libyan Coast Guard" attacked a migrant boat packed with some 150 migrants, beating them with sticks and causing many to fall into the water and at least four to drown, humanitarian group Sea-Watch said on Friday.


Bunkers and booby-traps as Islamic State makes a stand in Libya 21 Oct 2016

SIRTE, Libya Sheltering in tunnels, improvised bunkers and rooms fortified by sand-filled fridges, Islamic State is holding out in the Libyan city of Sirte, defending itself with snipers, booby-traps and car bombs against pro-government forces.


Libya forces free five foreign captives from Islamic State in Sirte 20 Oct 2016

SIRTE, Libya Libyan pro-government forces have freed five foreign nationals held by Islamic State in Sirte after heavy fighting in their battle to capture the final district of the city, a local official said on Thursday.


U.S. air strikes pound Libya's Sirte to oust IS militants 17 Oct 2016

SIRTE, Libya U.S. aircraft hit Islamic State targets with more 30 strikes over the last three days on the Libyan city of Sirte as pro-government forces push into its last militant-held districts, the U.S. military said on Monday. | Video


Tensions high in Libya's capital as faction challenges U.N.-backed government 17 Oct 2016

TRIPOLI Libyan armed brigades allied with rival political leaders in Tripoli have exchanged sporadic gunfire and set up checkpoints in areas they control, challenging the authority of the United Nations-backed government.


Britain sends new military training mission to Tunisia to counter IS 16 Oct 2016

LONDON Britain has sent 40 military personnel to Tunisia to provide training aimed at helping the North African country prevent the spread of Islamic State fighters from neighbouring Libya, the British defence minister said on Saturday.


Libyan forces advance in Sirte, 14 troops killed, officials say 15 Oct 2016

SIRTE, Libya Libyan pro-government forces have advanced into another area in their battle to liberate Sirte from Islamic State in fighting that killed 14 of their troops, military officials and hospital sources said.