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Shelling across Pakistan-India border kills six civilians, wounds 30


ISLAMABAD Shelling along the disputed border between Pakistan and India killed six civilians, and wounded an additional 30 people, officials from the two sides said on Friday, in the latest confrontation between the two nuclear-armed countries.


India using chilli sprays, stun grenades to dissuade Rohingya influx 22 Sep 2017

NEW DELHI India has stepped up security along its largely porous eastern border with Bangladesh and is using "chilli and stun grenades" to block the entry of Rohingya Muslims fleeing from violence in their homeland of Myanmar, officials said on Friday.

Pakistan army pushed political role for militant-linked groups 21 Sep 2017

LAHORE, Pakistan The backing of a candidate in a by-election last weekend in Pakistan by a political party controlled by an Islamist with a $10 million U.S. bounty on his head was in line with a plan put forward by the military last year to mainstream militant groups, according to sources familiar with the proposal.


Polish climbers hope to make historic winter conquest of K2 21 Sep 2017

RZEDKOWICE, Poland Polish climbers hope to pull off one of the last big feats of mountaineering in coming months by scaling K2, the world's second highest peak and the only of the 14 exceeding 8,000 meters (26,246 ft) yet to be conquered in wintertime.


Afghan president says Trump war plan has better chance than Obama's 20 Sep 2017

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said on Wednesday that U.S. President Donald Trump's strategy to win the war in Afghanistan will work where his predecessor's failed because the Afghan army is stronger and Trump wants a regional approach and a harder line with Pakistan.

Record number of states punishing human rights activism - U.N. 20 Sep 2017

GENEVA A record 29 states, including China, Iran and Saudi Arabia, have retaliated in the past year against citizens who cooperate with the United Nations, the U.N. human rights office said on Wednesday.


Inspired by 'blasphemy killer', new Pakistani party eyes 2018 vote 20 Sep 2017

LAHORE, Pakistan The head of a new Pakistani Islamist party that lionizes the killer of a provincial governor said it would take its rallying cry of "death to blasphemers" to next year's general election, after its surprisingly strong showing in a recent vote.


Hindus fleeing Myanmar violence hope for shelter in Modi's India 20 Sep 2017

KUTUPALONG, Bangladesh/NEW DELHI Caught in the crossfire between Myanmar's military and Rohingya insurgents, hundreds of Hindus who have fled to Bangladesh are placing their hopes on the Hindu nationalist government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in neighbouring India.


U.S. lawmaker wants North Korea out of the U.N. 18 Sep 2017

WASHINGTON The chairman of the U.S. Senate's East Asia subcommittee is asking China and 20 other nations on Monday to clamp down on North Korea by cutting ties, closing down diplomatic facilities and working to oust the country from the United Nations.


Despite by-election loss, Pakistan opposition claims momentum for 2018 18 Sep 2017

LAHORE, Pakistan Pakistani opposition leader Imran Khan's party said on Monday it had built momentum in a by-election for ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's parliamentary seat, despite finishing second, but the biggest inroads were made by two new Islamist groupings.