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VW's Seat sees strong 2017 sales after jump in first two months


BERLIN Volkswagen's long-struggling Spanish division Seat expects strong sales this year after deliveries grew by double-digit percentages in the first two months thanks to new models and demand from southern Europe, its chief executive said.


Telefonica bets on Aura to keep customers sweet 26 Feb 2017

BARCELONA, Spain Spanish telecoms giant Telefonica announced a new strategy on Sunday promising to give customers back control of their own data with the help of a new digital personal assistant.


How Spain could deliver swift savings in Peugeot-Opel deal 23 Feb 2017

VILLAVERDE, Spain As the only European country where carmaker PSA's production overlaps with that of Opel, Spain could deliver the quick cost savings sought by PSA boss Carlos Tavares to convince investors to back his planned acquisition of the rival brand.


Ex-IMF boss Rato sentenced to jail in Spain over credit card scandal 23 Feb 2017

MADRID Former International Monetary Fund chief Rodrigo Rato was sentenced to 4-1/2 years in prison by Spain's High Court on Thursday following a scandal over the widespread misuse of company credit cards during his tenure at lender Bankia.


King of Spain's brother-in-law avoids jail while appealing tax-fraud conviction 23 Feb 2017

MADRID A Spanish court decided on Thursday not to hold the King of Spain's brother-in-law in custody while he awaits an appeal against a six-year jail sentence for charges including tax fraud and money laundering.

China defends deportation of Taiwan citizens as internationally accepted 22 Feb 2017

BEIJING China on Wednesday defended the deportation of Taiwan citizens involved in overseas telecom fraud cases to China as having won widespread international approval, after Taiwan protested against Spain's decision to deport around 200.

Hundreds of migrants cross into Spain's Ceuta in second wave in three days 20 Feb 2017

MADRID Some 359 African migrants broke through the border fence between Morocco and the Spanish enclave of Ceuta early on Monday, in a second mass push after about 500 migrants breached the fence on Friday. | Video

Taiwan regrets Spanish decision to deport Taiwanese to China in fraud case 18 Feb 2017

TAIPEI/MADRID Taiwan said on Saturday it "deeply regrets" a decision by the Spanish government to deport to China around 200 Taiwanese nationals suspected of telecom fraud.


Venezuela aims to block CNN Spanish-language service on internet 16 Feb 2017

CARACAS Venezuela's socialist government said on Thursday it would seek to block CNN's Spanish-language service online after pulling it off the airwaves in anger at its coverage of the South American nation.


Venezuela pulls Spanish-language CNN from air for 'distorting truth' 16 Feb 2017

CARACAS President Nicolas Maduro's government ordered the suspension of CNN's Spanish-language service from Venezuela's airwaves on Wednesday, accusing it of distorting the truth in coverage.


Bond index trackers vulnerable to Le Pen currency plan

LONDON Investors across the world who track bond indexes may be stranded with loss-making French debt if National Front leader Marine Le Pen wins the presidential election and, as she wants, takes the country out of the euro zone.