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Syrian government forces seize more of Aleppo from rebels


BEIRUT Syrian government forces and their allies advanced into another rebel-held part of eastern Aleppo, a rebel official and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Monday, as the army drew closer to opposition-held parts of the Old City.

Air strikes kill 73 in rebel-held Idlib province - war monitor 8:04am GMT

BEIRUT Air strikes killed at least 73 people in rebel-held Idlib province, including 38 in the city of Maarat al-Numan, on Sunday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based group monitoring the war, reported.


Syrian rebels weakened in Aleppo battle by their own divisions 04 Dec 2016

BEIRUT/AMMAN As the Syrian government and its allies prepared to ramp up their attack on Aleppo in November, one of the rebel groups defending the opposition-held part of the city took up arms against another, seizing its stores of ammunition, fuel and food.


Russia seeks full withdrawal of Aleppo rebels 03 Dec 2016

BEIRUT/ROME/MOSCOW Russia said on Saturday it was ready for talks with the United States about a withdrawal of all Syrian rebels from eastern Aleppo, where advances by the Russian-backed Syrian army and its allies threaten to deal a crushing blow to the rebellion. | Video


U.N. states seeking resolution to demand end to fighting in Syria 02 Dec 2016

UNITED NATIONS The United Nations General Assembly began talks on Friday on a draft resolution that would demand an end to fighting in Syria amid frustration by some states and rights groups over U.N. Security Council deadlock on the nearly six-year conflict.


Kerry meets Russia's Lavrov, says Syria diplomacy still alive 02 Dec 2016

ROME U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry urged continued efforts to secure peace in Syria on Friday, on a trip to Rome where he met Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Pope Francis.


Europe must brace for new, varied Islamic State attacks - security chief 02 Dec 2016

BRUSSELS Islamic State will attack Europe again, security chiefs warned on Friday, and may add car bombs, cyber and chemical warfare to its local arsenal as European militants drift home after reverses in Syria and Iraq.

Syrian rebels and families leave another town near Damascus 02 Dec 2016

BEIRUT Hundreds of Syrian rebels and their families left al-Tal near Damascus on Friday under a deal with the government, the latest in a number of such evacuations as the army and its allies consolidate their control over the outskirts of the capital.


Russia not serious in talks with Syrian rebels - opposition official 02 Dec 2016

BEIRUT A senior Syrian opposition official accused Russia on Friday of procrastinating in talks with rebels over Aleppo, signalling no progress in diplomacy which rebels hoped would ease dire conditions in the city where they are in danger of defeat.

Denmark to pull F-16 fighter jets from Syria and Iraq 02 Dec 2016

COPENHAGEN Denmark will not extend military operations of its seven F-16 fighter jets in Syria and Iraq from mid-December after six months in action, the Danish government said on Friday.

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A homecoming in Aleppo

Residents who fled eastern Aleppo for government-held areas early in the war begin returning to Hanano district recently captured from the rebels. Nathan Frandino reports.